Terracotta, A Versatile and Timeless Aesthetic

Terracotta’s warm colors have been known to help bring energy and optimism to any room. Studies have linked the sunny hue as a stimulant to our convivial appetites, perfect flooring for kitchens, sunrooms, or anywhere that families gather. Low maintenance and easy to clean once sealed, our reclaimed terracotta tiles infuse a welcoming glow to entries and foyers, and can be used in potential ‘wet areas,’ such as pantries, mud rooms and baths.

We’re excited to offer our exclusive reclaimed European flooring tiles in a variety in shapes and sizes, including classic octagonal, 6” x 6” squares, and rectangular pavers in 3 sizes. Originally sourced from residences across the European countryside, these terracotta tiles will bring a timeless aesthetic into any project. The antique color palette ranges from pale to deep, and each tile is burnished by years of patina. Examine them closely and you will notice furrows along the back side of the tile, an indicator of their hand-crafted legacy.

They may be loaded with historical gravitas, but these versatile sun-infused bricks are capable of learning new tricks!