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Pitts Pilot Sunglasses — eyewear engineered for top-performance users
I would happily recommend these sunglasses to all pilots. They are at once extremely light and very durable, and combine excellent glare and peripheral light reduction with real comfort and an attractive design.

Captain Rowland Burley, Boeing B747–400, Cathay Pacific Airways

Airliner in flight
Since changing to the Pitts Aviation sunglasses, I have been mightily impressed by the improvements I’ve experienced. They are so light and flexible, you don’t feel any weight or discomfort which I had felt with previous sunglasses coupled with a headset. The lenses protect me very well here in the Middle East and work superbly with the modern flight instrument displays. The best sunglasses on the flightdeck!

Darren Meighan. Senior First Officer, Boeing B777, Emirates Airlines

My Pitts sunglasses first flight was deliberately on a late afternoon during the summer so I could find plenty of low in the sky sunlight to challenge the glasses with. I cannot muster any complaints just compliments from my first experience with the sunglasses. My eyes weren’t straining or squinting at all (compared to a pair I was previously using). The short farm strip we landed in was a joy to behold in the window screen with such clarity with the sun hanging low in the sky. Overall after landing my eyes didn’t feel tired but rather fresh. What made my experience even better was the compatibility with headsets coupled with the sleek and featherweight design making me forget I was wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Karl Beetson, NPPL (SSEA & Microlight) holder. Record holder, circumnavigation of the coastline of the UK and National Formation Speed Record Class C.

Karl Beetson

Karl is a founding member of Pilots with Diabetes. He has been a member of Flying with Diabetes.

He is also active in raising awareness and funds for diabetes research. A local newspaper article highlights some of his activities. You can follow him on @karlbeetson.

Pitts pilot sunglasses are simply the best I have ever used. They are comfortable to the point that you don’t realise you’re wearing them. They fit snuggly under headsets because of the thin sidearms and don’t let in any noise. The lenses are crystal clear and I get genuine pleasure out of wearing them. They are great for skiing and social use too!

Adam Winter, Commercial Pilot and Flying Instructor, Elstree Aerodrome

Going vertical
One of the problems in advanced aerobatics is that sometimes you have to look at the sun in order to look at the wing sight, i.e. in a vertical roll as in this photo. Your sunglasses make that easy and are so light that I don’t lose them in negative G manoeuvres.

David Jenkins, UK Advanced Aerobatics Champion and British Aerobatic Team member

I’m very happy indeed with my new pilot sunglasses. They are light and very comfortable. Importantly, the lenses are great, adequately suppressing brightness whilst still allowing me to read the instruments in the cockpit. Importantly for me, for hearing protection reasons, I tend to wear my noise cancelling headset at all times on the flight deck. Previous sunglasses have caused real discomfort on longer flights where the arm sits underneath my headset. Not the case at all with Pitts I’m pleased to report. One final thing, I love the case design too. A happy customer.

Captain Chris Lightfoot, Airbus A320 captain

Wildcats Aerobatics Team
The side arms on these sunglasses are designed to fit comfortably under headsets and helmets. In fact it is this feature which Al and Willie noticed immediately — they’re so slim that you barely notice them at all! Most other sunglasses can become uncomfortable after a while with a helmet because the helmet squashes the side arms into the pilot’s temples. The fact that this doesn’t happen with the Pitts Pilot Sunglasses is awesome.

The Wildcat Aerobatics Team

Pitts Pilot Sunglasses with the Wildcats

The Wildcats are so impressed that they have dedicated a whole page to Pitts Pilots Sunglasses on their website.

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