I was discussing with a friend the other day, it was about Perfumes. I was trying to make a case for 'Made in Nigeria Perfumes’. He said no matter how cheap, he can’t use them because they are probably carcinogenic or harmful in some ways and he’d prefer the expensive imported ones. I thought well about it and I just had to shut up.
This brought me to think about a lot of other things.
As much as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) are being encouraged in the Nigerian Educational system, it’s just not useful in the present day Nigeria, and certainly not in the nearest foreseeable future.
R&D is nonexistent here, the Standard organizations are corrupt and so kickbacks does the trick instead.
No jobs for STEM graduates here. All you have is sales, media, and abacus-level quant jobs
How does a Nation grow on those? What happens to the bright minds that wants to innovate?
A lot of bright Nigerians with promising Tech Startups have had to shut down in the last 2 years not because they were not smart but because of our crazy society, crappy business climate and limited minds.
The Truth is that we are adamant, complacent and just stupid
It’s why we’ll keep having the same bastards in our political space for decades and keep repeating the same tribal-hate and keep fighting religious fanatical wars.
Maybe we are just a plain Stupid people! I think it’s a Sub-saharan African curse
However, I think we’ll rise like Asia. I’m almost certain about that. We have to rise!
It’d be a long, hard walk though. It won’t be anytime soon either.
This gives me unbearable angst!