Today a tear dropped from my eye. I was listening to Sam Harris' Waking Up weekly Podcast; Humanity 2.0, interaction with UC Berkeley’s Molecular Biophysics Professor Jennifer A. Doudna. I wept when I realized that I had only ever looked into a microscope once in my entire life.
It dawned on me, more than ever, the stifling mire I’m helplessly buried in.
For a lot of people this is not important. They merely shrug it away; it’s just life. They say "...don’t worry about what you don’t have, just make do with what you do have". That’s true! Complaints are a waste of time BUT realization is not the same as complaining and understanding the reality of the bad hand that Life/God and the matrix of nature has dealt some of us can cause our philosophical minds to wonder and be pained.
What if there’s someone better than Serena Williams but she was born in Gombe, Nigeria and will never hold a badminton racket, talk more of a tennis bat.
What if the brilliant mind of Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was born in Ajegunle in Lagos and he has ended up being just the Chief of the Keke Napep association there. What if?
What if we are capable of much more than we are and we are only limited by the cards life dealt us? 
What if we are knights and Queens but have been chiseled into peons because of the factors that surround our lives.
Does this mean I don’t live my life? No! Absolutely not!
I try to live my life to the fullest.
I just have these moments of Existential quandary and despair when I ponder the disconnect between the person I am and the person I could be.
Holla at me if you do too cuz I can’t be the only one!
What I think about in these moments can be bizzare, Like;
What if we are the 'negative inliers’, set up to fail?
What if Life is just a massive game with no real losers and winners just people with roles to play like pieces on a chess board?
How do we deal with these crisis of reality? How do we live?