Working at an international level comes with many challenges, and language barriers are one of the biggest. Olivier Amblet, Pix4D’s Cloud team manager, talked to Lokalise about how helpful their services are in Pix4D’s work.

Olivier is Pix4D Cloud team manager at Pix4D HQ.

Pix4D is a global company, operating around the world in several languages. Not only do we work in different languages, but we work with complicated terms. Our clients are industry leaders, specialised companies and small businesses, looking for a specific service that we can provide. They don’t just operate in English, but a range of languages. However, when it comes to explaining how to correctly…

By Kyle Douglass, Systems integration and test engineer @Pix4D

The continuous integration (CI) team at Pix4D works with cutting-edge technologies and fascinating projects. But because we ultimately provide a service to the company, our work is not front-and-center like that of our developers who are creating new drone mapping software.

Macs on a rack

Pix4D’s CI team designs and maintains the systems used by our developers to automatically build, test, and package our suite of products. And it’s important. …

By Emilijan Sekulovski, UX Designer @Pix4D

We moved our design processes entirely to Figma about a year ago, and it’s not an overstatement to say it’s transformed the way we work. Today, at Pix4D, everybody knows what Figma is — even our CEO.

Figma enabled us to bring designers, developers, and managers all under the same roof. It transformed the way we collaborate and iterate design from the earliest stages of product development right through to release.

One little tool. A whole lot of changes.

Why choose Figma?

Since I joined Pix4D as a UX designer three years ago, we’ve tried a lot of design tools. When I came onboard, product managers were already using Balsamiq for quick wireframes. The design team… well, it was new. I was the first UX designer at Pix4D, joining a single graphic designer. …

How was the new Python-based Pix4Dengine SDK built and what are its key benefits? We asked the team who built it.

Niels Van Eldik, product manager of Pix4Dengine shared some insights on the new Pix4Dengine.

Successful drone entrepreneur Petr Lněnička went from award-winning filmmaker to drone inspection leader in his native Czech Republic. Here he lays out 3 pieces of advice and explains why for him, the transition seemed logical, and why he believes the future of drone mapping services will place less and less emphasis on drones and more and more weight on mapping data.

Petr Lněnička was working as filmmaker when aerial footage became a hot commodity. “In 2011 it was something pretty new and unusual and we actually had to have it,” recalls Petr. “But at that time in Czech Republic, there…

How technology is changing construction more than ever before

Digital construction isn’t just a concept anymore. Construction companies — more than ever before — are using new technologies for better efficiency, productivity, and cost control on projects. In early March, Pix4D exhibited at CONEXPO-CON/AGG for the first time, witnessing this evolution at one of the world’s largest gatherings of construction professionals. For instance, the benefits of using drones for 3D mapping and photogrammetry in construction no longer need to be explained.

Investing in the most advanced technologies for surveying and monitoring projects has become essential, and it’s marking a turning point for an industry that has often been considered…

A stream of ongoing change

When asked about his foresight on emerging competitors in the real estate industry, the director of a large European property development company told PwC and the Urban Land Institute,

“Our biggest competitor or threat is a company that we do not know yet, which could be two friends working together in a garage.”

In a wavering global landscape redefined by disruptive technology, geopolitical uncertainty, and demographic changes, real estate players and urban planners face new challenges. The world’s leading property market was an opportunity for different players to explore new options.

MIPIM 2017 explored major market trends and business opportunities.

Part 2: processing in the field

In Part 1 of this mini-series we went over why it makes sense in agriculture to import images directly to Pix4Dag Desktop. We concluded that when you’re in the field without a good network connection, importing images to desktop takes nearly no time in comparison to the hours you might spend uploading images to the cloud.

In Part 2, we talk about the next step: real processing in the field. The main question people ask is this: How much time does it take to get results?

In order to test this, we used an…

What are the effects of the “angle between images” setting in circular missions when it comes to 3D reconstruction?

Knowing which drone flight plan to design for 3D modeling can be challenging, but the good news is that Pix4Dcapture has automatic flight missions optimized for different scenarios. We tested circular missions with three image angle overlay variations in order to compare results.

Circular missions are recommended to 3D map a single object of interest, like a building or a monument.

When it comes to circular mission settings, DJI drone pilots can choose the angle between images. By dividing the 360° flight covered by the drone into sections, or variable angles (4°, 8°, 12°), the drone is told by the…

Part 1: How quickly can you go from landing to processing?

If you want an NDVI map while you’re still in the field, cut out a potentially long upload to the cloud and start processing directly in Pix4Dag desktop.

With a predicted population jump to 9 billion by 2050, and therefore a corresponding 70% increase in agricultural consumption, it’s clear the industry must innovate to keep up. And so, agriculture drones are on the rise. PwC estimates the revenue opportunity of drone-powered solutions in agriculture to be 32.4 billion USD.

Part of this opportunity is being exploited by up-and-coming cloud-based companies. Users upload their images to the cloud, and receive maps in return. With so many of these services being cloud-based only, desktop processing of drone images may seem old-fashioned. …


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