Pixel Doodles (PXD)


The objective of this project is to enter the world of NFTs with something nice and simple, to later create a project at the level of Doodles, Cool Cats, CyberKongz and BAYC just to name a few. Holders will have access to our future projects, with randomly selected and airdropped Doodles. PXD is inspired by Doodles, but we are not affiliated with them.

The members of PixelDoodles are 4 friends who have known each other for more than 5 years, it was a nice experience working together and knowing that there are other people apart from your family who support you. Our Biographies:
Ana Flores aka Anybuu: Artist, Creative, she is very good at everything. She loves Doodles. ⮕ Twitter Twitter Instagram

Irving Flores aka JVerbal: Software Engineer, Artist, Creative, he likes to know a little bit of everything. The one that got us addicted to NFTs. ⮕ Twitter Instagram

Guillermo Santos aka Nasty: Architect, Multipurpose, always support us. He became interested in Nft thanks to Doodles. ⮕ Twitter Instagram

Omar Silva aka Rabs: Multipurpose, Marketing, he does nothing in the mornings and likes to rest in the afternoons. He addicted his psychologist to NFTs. ⮕ Twitter Instagram

Because we have a lot of admiration for Doodles, 2 of our 4 members started in all this, a lot thanks to Doodles.Incluiding an excellent commmunity, innovating nfts and of course will have a great future.
That’s why we made a collection to get more involved with NFTs, therefore we would love to get a Doodle like many in the community but we know that its prices will go up to the moon. That is why we decided to release Pixel Doodles that are just as beautiful as Doodles, only in 64px so that you have some Doodles in your wallet.
We also decided to raffle Dooplicator according to the mint.

The first 4500 mints are free 5 per wallet, then the remaining 4360 Nft will cost 0.0011 per Nft, 20 per txn.
May 21 ❤

We don’t have a roadmap as such, it’s just good vibes, we can only say that if in some future we launch another collection you will be the first to be rewarded, the revelation is instant, it will also open the possibility of winning a Dooplicator with an airdrop totally random.

-At 100% minted, a Dooplicator will be purchased and delivered to a Pixel Doodle holder.

If you like Doodles, Pixel Doodles won’t let you down.






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Irving Flores Gonzalez

Irving Flores Gonzalez

PXD JVerbal

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