We know how to build a customer loyalty of your brand!

By Angelina Liparteliani, Marketing Assistant for PixelPin Ltd

Today’s market is very dynamic, where different brands make up new advertising solutions every day to poach your customers. Many companies offer similar products and services. So, most often people do not know what product to choose, as many of them seem to be quite the same and are offered in the same way. This is where emotional connection can come into being and contribute to hold your customers with your brand for a long time.

Are you connected with your clients emotionally?

Photo source: Pixabay

Emotional connection plays a very important role to establish strong ties between your brand and your customer. So, if somebody refers to your product or service once, he or she will definitely come back if they have special feelings that come together to establish this emotional connection. This connection then contributes to building a loyalty of the brand and by that supports business development.

Are you now wondering how PixelPin can help to build emotional connection between your company and your customers? Let us explain!

What does PixelPin suggest?

The purpose of PixelPin is to replace a boring alpha-numerical form of authentication with a picture. We have already explained our main principles and mission in our previous article, and provided with numerical comparison between the safety of picture and numerical passwords. So, feel free to explore our previous article: https://bit.ly/2IvPDiC

So, when companies enable their customers to log in with their own personal pictures: anything from photo of their family to the photo of their favourite car brand; people start producing emotions associated with the photo. Lately, the emotions that they experience looking at their personal picture become closely associated with your brand. For example, using the photo of the family as a password would make this person feel closer to his relatives every time he or she logs in to your website. And alternatively, every time she or he would look at the picture of the family, they will recall and think of your brand.

Why this might be happening?

In this case, we are dealing with a visual influence of the image on each person. Content creators have discovered that visual communication is more powerful than textual. For example, a research by Adobe found that social media posts with pictures deliver 650% higher response from people, than posts consists only of text.

We have conducted experiment to prove our perspective and showed our carefully selected photos to 10 people, informing that they could use them as their data protection passwords:

The results turned out to be amazing: all people when they saw the colourful pictures started to instantly love them and want using them as their passwords, even at the time when they did not know the exact thing they would be protecting with them. Does it mean that people could be registering at your website just to use PixelPin service? Probably yes, and our experiment is a live prove of that! Still doubting? — Try our mobile application, that allows to test any image as a password to ascertain of the impact power of our pictures!
 App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/pixelpin/id626881391?mt=8

Play Google: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.PixelPin.PixelPinMobile&hl=en_GB

Struggling to build a strong customer loyalty? Try an integration with PixelPin! Interested? — contact our sales team via emails: Georgia@pixelpin.io, Stefano@pixelpin.io.