Here’s a Scary Story…

The situation was this, in 2012 I was staying in Italy with the family. What was a fab holiday turned into the single scariest night of my life. We were staying in a very old house, and when I say old I mean a pigeon holes in the walls kinda old. The house, which we‘d stayed in a few times already always had an eery feeling to it. The rooms were huge and cold, wooden doors thicker than a mattress and decor fit for a horror movie. The house was in the middle of nowhere on the top of a hill, overlooking beautiful fields of sunflowers from every angle.

On our last night in the house we all got an early night ready for the flight back in the morning. Everything seemed fine as me and both my cousins went up to our room, it was a big room with 3 separate single beds in a row and a creepy door that was bolted shut. We never saw what was on the other side and nobody in the family knew, we presumed the owner had storage of some sort in there. We all got into bed, me in the middle bed with my younger cousin to my right and my older cousin Andrew on my left. After a bit of a laugh we decided it was time to sleep. The family is quite mischievous, always getting up to shenanigans and so I was excited for the journey home.

That night I awoke, no idea what time but it was still very dark out. I immediately sat up noticing a heard of voices coming from the living room downstairs, the bolted door was open and my older cousin was not in his bed. I didn’t care too much about the bolted door, I was too excited to see what the family was up to, I suspected they were planning something (probably a midnight swim in the pool). Walking down the staircase I could see the living room light was on, there was thin strip of light coming from the bottom of the closed door.

I got to the door, not thinking much of it I pushed it open ready to see my cousin and whomever else being cheeky ready for a last dip. The second I pushed the door open it was pure silence, no light, nothing, I was stood there looking into a huge obis of darkness. Needless to say I ran, ran straight up the stairs ready to leap into bed and forget about everything. When I got back to the room my older cousin Andrew was back in bed, the bolted door was shut and everything was seemingly normal. After a lot of shuffling I finally got to sleep.

As you can imagine, the next morning I was the last to wake up. I eagerly went downstairs to tell the family about my terrifying experience. My auntie was in the living room doorway as I came down, she said “Have you heard what happened to Andrew last night”, Andrew walks up behind her and chimes in, telling me the exact story I just told you.

We never went there again.