Free Pictures for Your Website

Top 10 Websites for Free Pictures for your Website

As a blogger who likes to write, a lot, on different platforms from, Medium, Quora, LinkedIn and of course my own website, PixemWeb. I’m always on the hunt for high quality pictures that I can use for my personal blog and for my commercial website.

I’ve use some of the big names in the industry from bigstockphoto, shutterstock and others and they are great but the price tag is something that does factor in.

So I thought to myself, “Where can I get good pictures from?”, so I did what anyone else would do. I googled it. Of course Google shows you a whole library of images but those are copyrighted and you could face a hefty fine if you use one without the owners consent. So that wasn’t an option.

After searching, researching and asking around, I finally compiled a Top 10 List of Websites that offer their images for free. Completely free under the Creative Commons Zero or similar license.

What is Creative Commons Zero?

Creative Commons Zero basically means that there’s NO COPYRIGHT. Now that’s awesome. Thank you to the photographers who have chosen to share their amazing pictures with the world, for free.

You can use the pictures on both personal or commercial projects/websites. Without attribution (although it would be nice to share with the world where you got the image from. It motivates the photographers to contiue sharing their work).

Here’s the List of Top 10 Websites for Free Photos

  • Pexels — The library of images on Pexels is vast and they even have a free video library as well which is great for YouTubers
  • Unsplash — This is a really great website with a clean design and is easy to navigate.
  • Pixabay — is one of the largest websites that has over 920,000 Pictures, Vectors, Illustrations and videos.
  • StockSnap — This website has a lot of high quality images and is a project backed by Snappa.
  • Burst — Also has a growing library of high quality pictures and is a project by Shopify.
  • Gratisography — This is one of my favorites. There’s only one photographer and he has some really cool looking pictures there.
  • Freestocks — This one is another site that has a nice library of free images.
  • Death to Stock Photo — they send you images to your inbox once a month.
  • Splitshire — this website has some amazing pictures and is also run by only one photographer. Really high quality images.
  • FoodiesFeed — the name says it all. It’s about food. You can find a large library of images for basically every food group out there.

Start Blogging

With the list above, you can now blog about any topic and find a perfect picture to match. There really is no reason not to use high quality pictures in your blog or website. Cost is no longer a limiting factor.

Hopefully this article has provided some value and you get good use from the various sites listed above.

If you enjoyed, feel free to share with your friends and give us some feedback in the comment section below.