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By Maria Gajos

The development of technology and the changes it brings influence not only the devices we use, the way we communicate, but also the perception of the world and the approach to life and work. One of the effects of these changes is the growing importance of individual needs, which reflects the popularity of personalization, giving users a huge impact on the end product. Trends in office space design have also changed — companies are surpassing themselves in improvements for their employees who now follow different rules than previous generations. …

By Ola Wronecka

Violet is a shade rarely found in nature, so obtaining such a dye in the olden days was extremely difficult. Like everything that is rare, unique and difficult to access, it was reserved for special people and for special occasions throughout history. In the coming year, however, it will be the leading color for all of us, because the Pantone Institute has just announced ultra violet as the color of the year for 2018.

By Katarzyna Konachowicz

How did that pastel, romantic color become a hit in recent years? Some say that pink fever started in 2014 when Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel” conquered the hearts of viewers. Others attribute its popularity to Apple and to the pink-gold branded products that hit the market in 2015.

One thing is certain — Millennial Pink is the color of the new, young generation that will probably never grow old. …

By Ola Wronecka

Floral motifs undoubtedly have something that makes them difficult to resist. Nature created flowers to attract insects, simultaneously creating fleeting beauty that impresses also us, humans.

Flowers do not have a practical dimension for us just as they do for bees or butterflies, but we did not stop at admiring them and went a lot further. We cultivate them, create new varieties, we use them to decorate our homes, everyday objects, and even our cities.

Plants also have meaning for us, that go beyond aesthetic qualities. Their symbolism has a long tradition and allows us to express…

By Maria Gajos

Pixers specialists transformed Onet’s gray office interiors. Luscious greens and tropical motifs filled the interior with positive energy.

A commitment to organizational culture and employer branding has become a trend that cannot be ignored. They help modern companies build their position on the employer’s market, because caring about the needs and comfort of the employees increase effectiveness and loyalty to the employer. It is hard to imagine a better and more trustworthy ambassador of a company than its engaged employee, who feels connected to the workplace not only because they work there.

By Magdalena Zieba

The pineapple is a fruit and a common motif in design, used as a unique and affordable way to bring warmth and hospitality into a home. Its history dates back to the end of 15th century, when it was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. Once an expensive luxury, it now appears in almost all possible incorporations in fashion, interior design and in popular culture.

With Pixers’ new collection of interior personalization ideas, Pineapple Fever, it also awakens memories of a golden age in design, when vivid colors were a must-have in every modern home and when…

By Magdalena Zieba

The 1980s was a time filled with neon colors, geometric patterns and crazy experiments both in the field of fashion and design. Who doesn’t remember black & white chessboard floor tiling, glamorous glass tables or faux leather upholstery? Who wouldn’t miss such weird fashion trends as giant shoulder pads, Gianni Versace’s bold prints or Alexis Carrington-endorsed glitzy sequins. Luckily, the nature of all trends is cyclical — and now all these tendencies from before almost four decades are coming back in a number of diverse incarnations.

“Decoration can be a state of mind, an unusual perception, a…

By Ola Wronecka

The Heart is a newly built business space in Warsaw. It is unique not only due to the location on the 38th floor of the Warsaw Spire skyscraper but also the concept of the office layout.

The Heart, opened in January 2017 in one of the Warsaw Spire buildings, goes outside the traditional perception of office space, both due to its beaconing idea of sparking innovation and inspiring ideas, which without such a place would not have the possibility to exist, as well as the business aspiration to become the new heart of the digital economy of Central Europe. The concept of the office layout was to facilitate meetings, mutual inspirations and cooperation between European corporations and startups and experts from Pixers Business helped in personalizing the space.

By Ola Wronecka

An office is no longer just a place to work — a well-thought out and designed space is not just a fashion, but also a condition for attracting and retaining valuable employees.

For the SoftServe Management Board, it was clear from the start that the company’s Wroclaw office does not only have to be functional, it has to become part of the company’s identity and ensure that the employees feel comfortable there.

By Maria Gajos

At present, the office is not only considered a place of work, but also a key element affecting the image of the employer and the company. Look4app is a start-up from Wrocław specialized in applications development.

The company recently changed its headquarters and asked Pixers your business to help personalize the new office so that it could better reflect its character and friendly atmosphere.


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