Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness Offers Elder Abuse Program

The Pixhug app harnesses the power of photo sharing and social media to elevate charitable awareness and enables humanitarian organizations and their sponsors to promote their campaigns. Since the launch of in August 2016, Pixhug Media has supported fundraising efforts by numerous organizations, such as the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (CCAA). CCAA administers a number of adult and children’s programs, including the York Region Elder Abuse Program.

Designed to raises awareness and educate the public on the issue of elder abuse, the York Region Elder Abuse Program hosts peer-led interactive workshops for seniors. Workshops create a supportive group setting for seniors to learn about abuse issues, prevention, and support using material developed by the Prevention of Elder Abuse Committee of York Region. The workshops are free to attend and all seniors, their families, and anyone concerned with elder abuse are welcome.

Elder abuse program coordinators also offer Response Guidelines workshops and presentations for front-line staff, volunteers, and other professionals. These workshops are also free to participants, although the accompanying guidelines book costs $2.

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