All i hear lately is the statement:

“Go find yourself”

Sometimes when I hear this I laugh slightly in my head. Wow, “Go find yourself, how vaguely inspirational and overly misinterpreted. The more i think about it, though I sometimes make fun of the idea, finding yourself is a good thing; something I want to do; something I think I have done, but I lost.

In other news, We just finished studying poetry in english class. Sometimes I forget how many people dislike poetry. A lot of people in my class didn’t even respect it’s influence nor understand how it is one of the easiest forms of creativity. Anyone can write. You don’t have to be good, but you can write; Because it’s freeing! I write poetry for myself, not for others. And thats why I don’t care that much if people don’t think it’s good, because it makes me feel good;and thats what matters.

We had to explicate a poem, and one of the options was “one art” by Elizabeth bishop. (you may be familiar with it, if not: ) It’s kind of simple, but I honestly really enjoyed it. I could picture Bishop writing it with a sad smile on her face, forcing herself to get her thoughts down. That window into the authors true feelings made me really connect with her.

After reading “One Art”, I remembered another example of peoples ignorance: some people don’t even give poetry a chance because some people think it’s just like the overly wordy 1800s rubbish we find in text books, or an overly cliche metaphor about love. Poetry can be so much more than that. It is music in a sense. Writing song lyrics can be a very poetic process.

Then there is the other excuse for not liking this form of art: the classic “i don’t understand it”.

So what!

Sometimes you dont have to understand something to admire it. Not all things are meant to be understood, and even when someone thinks they have gotten to this level of apprehension, who really is saying that’s the true or false meaning, surface or out of the box meaning? Art is art. Just like god is god. People dont understand God, but they believe in him… SO WHY CANT YOU BELIEVE IN POETRY?(that may seem overly dramatic sorry haha)

Okay so it may seem like I went broadly off topic but now im going to tie these things together.

Lets refresh our memory:

  • finding yourself is a good thing, just don’t over do it and end up like chris mccandless from into the wild
  • poetry is one of the truest forms of self expression
  • If you like music you probably like poetry
  • anyone can write;whether good or bad if it makes you feel good, thats all that matters
  • you can enjoy or admire art (specifically poetry if referring to my previous ramble) without having to understand it

One day i’m going to go on that adventure i’ve been yearning for since the days of untied shoe laces in my backyard, but do I really need to climb a mountain or fight an alligator to “find myself”?

What does “finding yourself”, even mean? I don’t mean to sound like a philosophical hippy, but if finding yourself means what I think it means, then maybe I can start finding myself right here:

In the depths of my bedroom between the clutter of dirty clothes and records.

I always feel lost but when i write it’s the opposite.

I find myself when i’m writing poetry;

And that’s one of the greatest things in the world.