I feel like every woman should have a moment in life where they realize they are comfortable in their own skin.

I’ve never had a low self esteem, but between over sized pours and pimples, it’s easy to feel uncomfortable. Not only that, but even if you’re skin isn’t actually that bad, once you start wearing makeup everyday for a long period of time, not wearing it starts to feel weird; almost unnatural even though irnonically thats the opposite.

You see, in the summer i can go a long time without picking up my liquid eyeliner, (tan skin and sun kissed hair really boost confidence levels) yet amongst my peers at school, for the longest time it was really hard to not put makeup on. I went all of freshmen year wearing makeup, except one day when i was feeling brave and didn’t do it, but Soon after arriving at school I was disgusted with the face i found in the dirty bathroom mirror and applied the black liquid to my eyes.

Despite all the reasons to wear makeup, (i really do love it) as you get older, i feel like it’s essential to grow some balls; get some guts.. or something!! Just show up in public without trying so hard. Sophomore year i did that a few times; No success. People kept asking me if i felt okay, and one girl said it was weird to see me without makeup and laughed. I shrugged it off, i mean im not really a sensitive person, but what teenage girl wouldnt feel self conscious after someone said that? So i went back to makeup.

Now here i am, junior year; and i finally have lost all fucks. No one cares if i don’t where makeup, and i had to remind myself that. If they do, they have serious problems. I still stick to makeup most of the time, but last week i went a whole week without wearing it. And ya know what, i felt great. No one treated me differently, and after the first day i barely noticed, but there was still an a vibe i was feeling called freedom. I could rub my eye without fear of messing up my face and everything. And believe it or not i started to feel prettier; Because even if other people didn’t agree or didnt care at all, i am comfortable in my own skin. And no matter the black heads lining my nose or my slightly messy eyebrows,

I’m imperfect and i’’m proud.

I’m “ugly” and i’m proud.

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