Steemit Archive Project: The Finders documents

These documents represent the most important primary documents in relation to the Finders cult. They date from 1987 to 1994 and include the most reputable and well-documented cases involving the Finders, their purpose, their motives and why exactly they target children. Also notable is their strong connections to the CIA.

A great deal of this information was analyzed and reported by me in an earlier Steemit article titled, Finding the Finders and how the CIA made a child trafficking cult.

More on the Finders cult can also be found on their Pizzagate Wiki page.

The contents of this archive include:

  • Finders Keepers, by the Washington Post in 1987 with additional notes by Wikispooks (original)
  • U.S. Customs Service investigation of the Finders from March, 1987 and beyond (original)
  • Through a glass very darkly by Gordon Witkin, U.S. News, January 3, 1994 (original)
  • The Finders case: CIA link to pedophile rings by the Executive Intelligence Review, March 4, 1994 (original)

The Steemit Archive Project is an ambitious effort to archive some of the most important documents on the web using Steemit. Other archived documents/series so far include:

Jeffrey Epstein


Top image from Julian Assange via Twitter

Finders Keepers

U.S. Customs Service investigation of the Finders

Through a glass very darkly

The Finders case: CIA link to pedophile rings