MEME ART Inspired by AI

5 min readMar 21, 2024

In the Web3 industry, the topic of meme has always been controversial. We believe meme is beneficial to society, although this is a contentious stance in the crypto field. Many argue that meme will divert attention away from core technological innovations in crypto, while some claim they are inherently worthless.

Impact of MEME in the Web3 Era

Overall, MEME is positive because it reflects society’s commitment to upholding digital property rights through free and open markets. Meme coins represent one of the purest expressions of citizens exercising transactional freedom, where individuals do not need to justify the legality of their buying and selling; their preferences should arbitrate economic decisions, highlighting principles of individual autonomy and market freedom. In contrast, in most markets (perhaps excluding those that overwhelmingly impact national interests), regulatory bodies or legislators do not need to decide what can or should be bought and sold. Restricting the meme market based on personal preferences opposes the broader principles of a free market. Limiting the meme market on grounds of personal preference is tantamount to opposing the broader principles of a free market.

In the Web3 industry, the phenomenon of memes is more than just a form of cultural expression; it represents a unique economic phenomenon and a display of ideology. The crypto industry has put forward a seemingly disruptive notion: that all currencies, whether Bitcoin or the US dollar, can essentially be viewed as MEME. This is because the establishment of value for any currency relies on social consensus and customs — a deeply ingrained phenomenon of imitation in human societal behavior, or in other words, a “meme.” As Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has stated, the value of fiat money is, to some extent, underpinned by government authority and force, essentially upheld by “the men with guns,” a social contract. Such an interpretation ironically renders memes somewhat “benign,” as their value and circulation depend more on community consensus and voluntary exchange.

The creative platform Pizzap, through advanced AI tools, offers digital artists and creators a rich stage to expand their MEME creativity. On Pizzap, memes are not just a form of entertainment or humor; they become a powerful tool of expression, enabling artists to explore and reflect on various phenomena and ideologies within the crypto world. Through such creation and sharing, Pizzap not only demonstrates the power of memes in digital culture but also, with the help of AI, highlights the Web3 industry’s emphasis on innovation and community-driven values.

A New Frontier for Digital Artists

The popularity of MEME highlights a fact: in the digital age, people can form tight-knit communities around common jokes, cultural moments, or socio-political sentiments. This kind of cultural aggregation, driven by grassroots communities and facilitated by memes, has achieved a form of digital expression that transcends traditional financial boundaries. The value of MEME stems not just from market supply and demand but more so from reflecting the popularity of the underlying supportive group’s values. They have become symbols of shared identity or cause, pushing the concept of crypto to a new height of “financial nihilism”. The AIART platform Pizzap, leveraging decentralized blockchain technology, empowers MEME artists to maximize their creative rights, opening a new frontier where art meets technology. On such platforms, popular AI art pieces not only get the chance to be showcased in galleries but also offer digital art enthusiasts a unique place to discover and appreciate the art they love. The phenomenon of memes reflects a deeper cultural and community trend within the Web3 industry, its value far exceeding the financial realm, becoming a new symbol of collective expression and cultural identity.

MEMEs also unveil a new social and economic dynamic, highlighting the principal differences between MEME assets and traditional social security systems. The value rooted in community is the most fundamental similarity between MEME and social security systems. For MEME, its value entirely depends on the consensus and participation of community members. This consensus is built through interactions on social media, forums, and other digital platforms, akin to how the effectiveness of social security systems is based on societal commitment and support. However, the construction of value in MEMEs is more direct, as it is almost entirely based on interactions and trust within the digital space.

AIART’s Role in Web3 Creativity

The redistribution mechanism is another similarity between MEMEs and social security systems. MEMEs redistribute wealth among investors through speculative trading, while social security systems transfer wealth across generations through taxation and benefit payment mechanisms. Although the purpose and method of redistribution differ between the two, they both reflect a need for resource reallocation to some extent.

Despite challenges, MEMEs as a form of cultural expression possess undeniable potential in terms of societal value. They challenge decades-old entrenched notions of value, offering a new perspective on financial freedom.

The initiatives of the PizzapDAO community are particularly noteworthy. By organizing AI art contests with various themes, the community not only encourages diversity and innovation in artistic creation but also provides substantial rewards to participating artists, further igniting their passion for creation. Such activities not only enhance communication and collaboration among community members but also bring new vitality to the entire Web3 art scene.

Especially notable is the recent “My Web3 Working Brunch” AIART contest, which took the working meals of the Web3 industry as its theme and attracted numerous artists. Creators have created outstanding works reflecting Web3 scenarios using AI tools provided by Pizzap, showcasing their understanding and imagination of Web3 culture and creating a vibrant Web3 MEME atmosphere. The promotion of this creative approach demonstrates the significant potential of AI technology in artistic creation and signals a future for Web3 art that is more diverse and enriched.

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