The popularity of metaphysical crystals continues to grow, and with it the availability of crystals to purchase. However, the metaphysical quality of crystals completely varies. Here are some tips on HOW TO CHOOSE QUALITY METAPHYSICAL CRYSTALS.

AVOID ARTIFICIAL STONES: Don’t like having to tell ya’ll but those Aqua Auras, Angel Auras, Titanium Auras, etc… those are artificial stones. (What gives those crystals their colorful iridescence is a chemical coating that was patented in 2006.) Also avoid items like dyed geode slices, artificially heated citrine, and artificially irradiated smoky quartz. These are artificial processes created by man. And “metaphysical” stones such as goldstone and opalstone are outright made in factories.

PHYSICAL QUALITY: Stones go through many hands starting from the person who pulled it out of the ground through the various channels before it gets to a crystal retailer. Crystals that have been handled poorly in this process are metaphysically less resonant… and are the mineral equivalent of factory farmed chickens. They tend to be chipped and look and feel and sallow. Most often, to make these crystals “prettier” they are polished up, especially with quartz. To make a long story short, polished quartz points are actually less powerful than ones that have been grown by Mother Nature. This has to do with the crystalline structure of naturally grown quartz points and how they are damaged by polishing. But many other crystals are “polished” to make them more salable to unknowing metaphysical buyers.

COLLECTABLE QUALITY: Stones aimed for mineral collectors are more carefully mined to prevent chipping and other damage caused from rough handling of the stones. By preserving the specimen quality this increases the collectable value. Though not essential to the metaphysical properties of the stones, collector quality crystals have more metaphysical resonance because they have been greater cared for in the process of coming to you. (On a side note, these kinds of crystals, as collectables, can rise in value over time.)

More information on what goes into a quality metaphysical crystal go to this link.