If you want to end hunger in America, you’re in good company.

This week, dozens of artists, advocates, and high-profile chefs are coming together to demand action from our elected leaders to make sure everyone gets the food they need to thrive.

In a compelling series of photos and stories, these stars talk about how getting the right nutrition from an early age made it possible for them to live their dreams. And by sharing their stories, they hope to build support for everyone’s right to healthy food.

Over the next six months, photos of over 20 celebrities, including John…

You’ve probably seen them on the news or on social media this year: Loud, determined crowds of citizens speaking up and demanding action from their senators and representatives.

People are holding members of Congress accountable in meetings across the country. They are asking tough questions, participating in the democratic process, and standing up for the American Dream.

Right now, Congress is in recess, which means they’re back home, and you can find town halls to talk to them. You’re their boss. …

Quick: Think about everything you’ve done today. Everything you plan to do tomorrow. Everything you’d like to achieve — from your education to your career to serving your community.

Now: Is there anything on that list you’d be able to accomplish if you went hungry?

Having enough food to eat is the fuel that makes everything else possible. Children can focus in school, and become tomorrow’s astronauts, artists, teachers, and engineers. Returning veterans can start new lives at home. People can go to work, start new businesses, take care of their families, and live with dignity. …

A Place at the Table

We can fuel the potential of every American and end hunger: foodisfuel.org/signup #FoodIsFuel

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