The Google Panda Algorithm: How To Keep From Getting Penalized

The Google Panda Algorithm: How To Keep From Getting Penalized

For more than 5 years now, the Google Panda algorithm has been crawling the web, looking to root out duplicate and thin content by penalizing those sites with bad search results performance. This past month, Google announced its Panda algorithm is now part of its core ranking algorithm, signifying Google’s focus on promoting quality content.

What does the Panda algorithm mean for your local landing pages?

While we may see less fluctuations immediately because of the slow roll-out, you can expect Panda to significantly impact search result rankings going forward.

Panda works by looking at duplicate content and thin content on websites and penalizing those sites in search results. In other words, Panda penalizes sites that use content on a mass production scale or seem irrelevant. Websites with thin content, content that contains only a name, address and phone number, (no hours of operation, no pictures, no description about locations), these sites will get hit hardest.

How do you avoid the penalties?

Often at Placeable we see clients make the mistake of posting uniform content across all of their local landing pages, the only difference being a change in name, address and phone number. This is a big mistake. You must give each of your local landing pages its own identity, its own unique content if you want to rank well in local search. For example, if you’re a home improvement brand that offers weekly do-it-yourself classes that differ from location to location, you’d be foolish not to post these classes on the community board of your local pages because search engines would love to see unique content like this. Therefore, if you want to avoid search penalties, individualize your landing pages, all of them.

How a local marketing partner can help

You should consider using a local marketing partner to help build and manage your local landing pages. For example, Placeable’s Local Pages allows brands to easily update unique content to each of their local landing pages. You can make these changes on your own, you just wouldn’t want to. There’s a distinct advantage to having a partner with the dedicated resources, experience, and constant monitoring to react in real-time to search engine algorithm changes.

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