The New Version of Google My Business API: What It Means For You

Placeable is currently implementing connectivity to the new Google My Business API, and it’s going to make your life easier when it comes to managing your local business listings.

The new version of the API will give you the immediate basics, allowing you to create business locations with name, address, phone number, category and business hours, instantaneously.

But it does more than just that.

One particularly slick feature is the API’s ability to manage special hours, making the management of your seasonal hours a little less stressful.

Another useful feature is the ability to mark location addresses as permanently closed, because nothing is more maddening than having Googled a store, only to pull up in front of it to find a closed sign hanging in the window.

Additionally, the API allows you to search and filter locations by categories, set the service area radius, and add managers to locations and business accounts.

In short, Google My Business API will soon make managing your local business listings a whole lot easier.