The most ugly of historic ironies is that the “Aryan Ideal” Hitler and his henchmen were purporting…
gregory rush

Exactly! Hitler needed to be made “honorary Aryan” to maintain the Master Race hype. He’s no more Aryan than Trump is a truck driver, but both were packaged to be something that would not pass a rational smell-test. Both fed the insecure of their time into believing it WAS true AND they would do something about it. In Germany, however, the economic insecurity was palpable.

Having heard the Trumpsters on NPR last week say they were pleased with this first year of 45, I truly believe if they went to sleep and subliminally heard cries of pain from people-of-color, their pleasure would greatly increase even if NOTHING was actually done to non-whites. Agent Orange, with help from Russia, manufactures crises of violence economy to get elected when the facts were opposite. The snowflakes who voted for him have much to answer for in the next life, because their ancestors would have killed for the good life lived under Obama: healthcare more available than ever, Great Depression 2.0 never realized and actually reversed, greater access by the common citizen to technological advances than any time in human history.

The oppressed only in their own minds installed the greatest legend in his own mind: Too bad the world has merely survived them all in 2017 which may not be enough for same time, next year!

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