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That’s why they ARE against globalization: before it gained momentum, there was an “food chain” set in each community after the Revolution that went along the lines of Christian, rich, white, male, whose entire life was spent there. An American with all five attributes had unofficial powers over the rest, with some pecking-order for everyone else in each “community” having less than 5 , but not being male a total disqualifier. Keep in mind most of the United States population would be agrarian before the Industrial Revolution began filling the cities, so the tribal aspect of this dynamic was also important. Newcomers may move ahead of the pack in newly-settled territories, but out-of-towners were fairly suspect unless they were kin to someone already established or provided a service they alone could provide (like medical doctor).

With increased speed in communication, transportation and therefore, commerce, this model would not be sustained for one very important reason: those who did not like being treated as inferiors found it easier to MOVE! Take the rail east or north to a city in complete anonymity, or go so deep into the wildlands YOU are the town elder by default.

And, there’s military service. Putting down indigenous peoples on our land, Mexicans on theirs, Spanish at sea, then two world wars, gave the surviving enlisted man an edge over those who never served, and not just in combat skills, but DISCIPLINE. If not self-medicating from PTSD (sometimes even with), a veteran serving his community could plan and execute his vision for what direction it takes and what people it should welcome.

After Reconstruction, the South put up monuments to its failed act of treason after electing traitors into its governments. Those descendants of freed slaves who could, moved elsewhere but hardly ever escaped the racism needing no robe&hood to facilitate it. Red-lining and credit inequality dog them to this day,…

Then came the Internet, the double-edged sword of progress. Absolutely essential in furthering globalization, giving the unenfranchised a chance to live happy lives with people like them and strive for equality. It also gives the Klansman a chance to meet other bigots without leaving the house or donning a robe, a Nazi to burn books through lies on Facebook, the man who rapes his wife so many times she’s accepted his unwanted advances and cheating in lieu of beatings. All get to do this with a left-click or two, but there is a significant difference between the unenfranchised former and the overly-franchised latter.

I’m not an economist, but I do remember something changed in my credit-card bills around 2006. The interest rate went over 10% and therefore, so did the minimum monthly payment, which I dutifully paid to that point. What I did not know was this was the first warning to me that the world’s finances were built on the proverbial house of cards and to keep it from collapse, money was needed to shore up the foundation. Since fixed-rate mortgages could not be raised, credit card rates could, hence, my rate went over 20%, and I wasn’t alone.

There might be someone reading this who’s my age who is thinking, “where have you been all that time? I had that much earlier!” I have no doubt single-women, African-Americans, recent immigrants and LGBT have been the targets of predatory lending long before a bulls-eye was electronically painted on my bank account, but it was now happening to everyone, disrupting that “food chain” highlighted at the top.

White America did not like getting unemployed, financially-stressed and blamed for it the way Other America has for generations. I’ve worked with bigots who voted for Obama (twice) because the GOP made them “equals” due to near-economic catastrophe. I also know they voted for Trump and down-ballot because their self-righteous place on the food chain wasn’t restored.

While globalization put the species on a better path, we must acknowledge it primarily exists to facilitate commerce, overshadowing the original purpose of military communications efficiency. There’s no doubt it’s crucial to reducing hunger, but it also has returned much of US to that small(-minded) community which dominated early America’s landscape, only now the targets of community bullying don’t realize it until it’s too late. Do we know how many hate crimes against perceived Muslims, Mexicans, LGBTs, women, people-of-color are committed by (mostly) straight white males brought up as some-kind-of Christian, egged-on by 100+ tweets from like-minded haters?

No, and if Agent Orange gets his way, we never will.

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