Cooperative gameplay (and its potential in fintech)

Gamification has found its way into financial services at many levels and is used for many purposes, including encouraging savings, increasing customer engagement, and educating consumers about personal finance. But as digital — and, in particular, mobile — banking matures, fintech companies and financial institutions are beginning to employ social network features that introduce cooperative gameplay, making the gamification experience more relevant.

In cooperative gameplay, players work together and interact in real time. Playing simultaneously allows players to assist one another in many ways: passing weapons or items, healing, providing covering fire in a firefight, and performing cooperative maneuvers such as boosting a teammate up and over obstacles.

Similarly, cooperative gameplay in financial services enables individuals to share information, opinions, and outcomes; collaborate to solve financial challenges; and build both social and real-world credit.

To read about how cooperative gameplay is emerging in fintech — and which opportunities this opens up — check out the full story from Urban FT’s Glen Fossella here.

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