FAKE list of “right wing” TERROR ATTACKS

Of the 65 incidents defined by the Department of Homeland Security as “right wing” terror attacks since 9/11, only 12 can be legitimately labeled as terrorism (and I won’t even get into the question of what constitutes “right wing,” but suffice to say, if I did, the list would be smaller still).

The other 53 incidents are gang murders, prison homicides, domestic violence incidents and other non-terrorist related killings, stuffed into the database by DHS to fog the issue of terrorism in America by artificially inflating the number of non-Islamist terror attacks and drawing attention away from the threat of Islamist terror attacks.

The picture created by the bogus stats in the DHS U.S. Extremist Crime Database is that so-called “right wing” terrorism is a bigger threat to the United States than Islamist fundamentalist terrorism. According to a recent GAO report citing the DHS database, “Of the 85 violent extremist incidents that resulted in death since September 12, 2001, far right wing violent extremist groups were responsible for 62 (73 percent) while radical Islamist violent extremists were responsible for 23 (27 percent).” (GAO counted incidents by the same person on the same day, but taking place at a different location, as one incident, instead of two, there by giving them a slightly smaller total incident count than I have. See complete list at the end of this article.)

But, the numbers are bogus, as I detail below. If DHS reported deadly terrorist attacks accurately, there would be a mere 12 (34 percent) incidents of “right wing” terrorism since 9/11, and 23 (66 percent) incidents of Islamist terrorism. If we look at the deaths from those attacks, the disparity is even larger. The 12 “right wing” terrorist attacks since 9/11 accounted for 29 deaths (20 percent), while Islamist terrorism accounted or 119 deaths (80 percent).

Of the remaining 53 incidents DHS claims are “right wing terrorism,” seven were shootings of on-duty law enforcement. Yet, between 2001 and 2016, more than 2,500 law enforcement officials have been killed in the line of duty. DHS offers no explanation of why these seven shootings in particular warrant labeling as acts of terrorism.

Three of the incidents were prison murders. According to the Department of Justice, there were 778 homicides in state and federal prisons between 2001 and 2012, yet again the DHS offers no explanation of why these homicides in particular warrant labeling as acts of terrorism. Four of the incidents were gang initiation related murders of homeless men; four were murders of pedophiles and sex offenders; one appears to have been made up altogether (see below); and one was the killing of notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller. Those 20 incidents can be immediately removed from the list of supposed “right wing” terrorist attacks.

Then we have 13 incidents that were clear hate crimes — but not terrorist attacks — perpetrated variously by known gang members, drunk high school students, and crazy old men against homosexuals, minorities, and immigrants, but with no identifiable or widely publicized political agenda. These too must be removed from the list.

The remaining 20 incidents were heinous murders with only one clearly identifiable link — they were all perpetrated by whites. (With one caveat — in one of the incidents, the perpetrator was actually a Hispanic drug smugglertargeting a competitor, but DHS decided to label him a “white supremacist” just the same.) Yet, DHS went out of its way to twist the facts to fit a prescribed narrative.

Below is the full list of supposed “right wing” terror attacks from the DHS database, plus links to the original stories or Wikipedia pages for further investigation.


White Supremacist member of Aryan Brotherhood killed a man 9/15/2001 Mesquite, Texas 1x victim deaths

Same white supremacist as previous case but another victim a few weeks later10/4/2001 Mesquite, Texas 1x victim deaths

Anti-government violent extremist killed 2 at Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church 7/27/2008 Knoxville, Tennessee 2x victim deaths

White supremacist killed Holocaust museum guard 6/10/2009 Washington, D.C. 1x victim deaths

Anti-government violent extremist flew a small plane into an Austin, TX office building with U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) office in it to protest the IRS and the government 2/18/2010 Austin, Texas 1x victim deaths

White supremacist teenagers run over and kill an African American man in a motel parking lot 6/26/2011 Jackson, Mississippi 1x victim deaths

Neo-Nazi killed 6 at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin 8/5/2012 Oak Creek, Wisconsin 6x victim deaths

Anti-government extremist kills Transportation Security Administration officer at Los Angeles International Airport 11/1/2013 Los Angeles, California 1x victim deaths

White supremacist shot and killed 2 at a Jewish Community Center4/13/2014 Overland Park, Kansas 2x victim deaths

Same perpetrator as previous attack in Overland Park; perpetrator murdered another person at a Jewish retirement center later the same day 4/13/2014 Leawood, Kansas 1x victim deaths

White supremacist Dylann Roof shot and killed 9 African Americans in a shooting at an African American church in Charleston, SC 6/17/2015 Charleston, South Carolina 9x victim deaths

Anti-government survivalist extremist killed 3 at Planned Parenthood clinic including a responding police officer 11/27/2015 Colorado Springs, Colorado 3x victim deaths


Anti-government “Sovereign Citizen” murdered an Ohio police officer8/2/2002 Massillon, Ohio 1x victim deaths

Anti-government militiaman shot and killed a Michigan state trooper7/7/2003 Fremont, Michigan 1x victim deaths

White supremacist murdered Lubbock, TX police officer 8/15/2007 Brandon, Florida 1x victim deaths [Officer not in or from Texas. Murder took place in Florida.]

Two Sovereign Citizen members killed two police officers 5/21/2010 West Memphis, Arkansas 2x victim deaths [Shootings actually took place 5/20/2010.]

Anti-government married couple killed 2 officers during shooting rampage on Las Vegas strip 6/8/2014 Las Vegas Nevada 2x victim deaths

Same perpetrators as previous attack in Las Vegas; perpetrators murdered another person later that same day 6/8/2014 Las Vegas, Nevada 1x victim deaths

Anti-government extremist Eric Frein murdered a state trooper 9/12/2014 White Haven, Pennsylvania 1x victim deaths


Six white supremacist inmates beat another prisoner to death 10/14/2005 Kingman, Arizona 1x victim deaths [Actually took place at a jail, not a prison. Main killer mistakenly believed the victim had raped a 4-year-old girl. No confirmed white supremacy ties known to exist between the men.]

White supremacist inmate killed his African American cellmate 11/13/2006 Chipley, Florida 1x victim deaths [May be wrong link. Can’t find original reporting.]

Prison gang white supremacists murdered another inmate for not objecting to having an African American cellmate 3/1/2011 Atlanta, Georgia 1x victim deaths


White supremacist gang murdered a homeless man as part of a gang initiation3/23/2003 Tacoma, Washington 1x victim deaths [Victim also white.]

White supremacists murdered two homeless men 4/15/2005 Hingman, Massachusetts 2x victim deaths

Two white supremacists murdered a homeless man 9/3/2007 Reno, Nevada 1x victim deaths

Far rightist murdered a homeless man 1/19/2009 Woodstock, Illinois 1x victim deaths [Turned down insanity plea; killer’s MySpace page revealed multiple posts about drinking blood, women in bondage, and pentagrams.]


Neo-Nazi killed sex-offender priest 8/23/2003 Shirley, Massachusetts 1x victim deaths [The murder took place at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, where the two men were both serving prison sentences.]

White supremacist and associate killed a child molester 6/30/2009 Carmichael, California 1x victim deaths [Husband and wife, aka as “associate,” knew the victim, he stayed at their home, and the husband and the victim had served time in prison together.]

White supremacist murdered a convicted sex offender 8/28/2009 N. Palm Springs, California 1x victim deaths

Two white supremacists killed a husband and wife because the husband was a sex offender 7/21/2013 Jonesville, South Carolina 2x victim deaths [The killers were also husband and wife.]


White supremacist killed a man while “hunting down Mexicans” 1/9/2004 Dateland, Arizona 1x victim deaths


Anti-government Sovereign Citizen murdered abortion provider Dr. GeorgeTiller 5/31/2009 Wichita, Kansas 1x victim deaths


White supremacist murdered an African American 3/21/2002 Portland, Oregon 1x victim deaths [Gang related.]

White supremacist skinhead beat a man to death outside a diner 9/1/2002 St. Louis, Missouri 1x victim death

White supremacist murdered bisexual man 12/14/2002 Salinas, California 1x victim deaths

Neo-Nazi murdered a gay man 3/23/2006 New Port, Florida 1x victim deaths [Gang initiation murder. He also murdered a straight woman, reportedly because she was “friends with a black man.”]

Two white supremacists murdered a gay man as gang initiation rite10/26/2007 Goldsby, Oklahoma 1x victim deaths

White supremacist teens beat a Hispanic man to death 7/12/2008 Shenado, Pennsylvania 1x victim deaths

White man obsessed with Nazism murdered an African American man and a Hispanic man 8/1/2008 Bristo, Pennsylvania 2x victim deaths

White supremacist teens murdered an Ecuadorian immigrant 11/8/2008 Potchogue, New York 1x victim deaths

White supremacist killed 2 immigrants 1/21/2009 Brockton, Massachusetts 1x victim deaths

Same perpetrator as previous case in Brockton, MA killed a homeless man later the same day 1/21/2009 Brockton, Massachusetts 1x victim deaths

Neo-Nazi killed an African American man 3/29/2010 South Huntington, Pennsylvania 1x victim deaths

Two white supremacists murdered a 53-year old African American man10/4/2011 Eureka, California 1x victim deaths

Same perpetrators as previous case in Eureka, CA; perpetrators killed a teenager they thought was Jewish 10/7/2011 Corvallis, Oregon 1x victim deaths


  1. White supremacist skinhead murdered a transgender person 4/10/2002 El Paso, Texas 1x victim deaths

Justin Grant Hall, an Aryan Circle gang member and crystal meth manucacterer in El Paso, Texas killed Hector Diaz — a gay man awaiting transition — after a late night altercation. Although police officially ruled the murder a hate crime, they declined to disclose the possible prior relationship between Hall and Diaz. Several months later, while out on bond for Diaz’s murder, Hall killed again. He strangled Melanie Ruth Billhartz with an electrical cord after she threatened to call the police during an altercation and Hall feared it would draw attention to the meth lab at his house. Hall was sentenced to death for the second murder.

2. Far right violent extremists murdered 3 fast food workers (one Native American and two Hispanic) 5/19/2002 Mesa, Arizona 3x victim deaths

While the two defendants in the case were apparently founders of a militia group that “pledged allegiance to a racist creed” according to one of the prosecutors, and one of the defendants later made anti-immigrant comments in written statements to investigators, the murders were not labeled as hate crimes and no racial angle was raised during trial. The men committed the murders while attempting to rob a fast food restaurant where one of them had recently been fired for stealing. The other defendant had a history of mental illness, with several stints in behavioral health facilities and diagnoses of schizophrenia and manic-depression. Yes, this sounds like “right-wing” terrorism to me.

3. Neo-Nazi murdered a gay man 6/12/2002 Tucson, Arizona 1x victim deaths

David A. Higdon robbed and savagely beat Philip Walsted as he walked home one evening. Walsted was openly gay. However, police did not initially rule the murder a hate crime. That changed after Higdon appeared to radicalize while in jail awaiting trial. He appeared in court with a fresh neo-Nazi tattoo on his chest, his head shaved, and letters penned by Higdon in which he confessed and claimed Walsted’s sexual orientation was a factor in the murder were circulating in the local jail.

4. Two white supremacist skinheads murdered a man 8/30/2002 Las Vegas 1x victim deaths

19 year old Anthony Prentice had been living with 58 year old Dan Miller for over a year. Prentice had a troubled childhood and was on probation for participating in a riot at a youth correctional facility. Court documents described Miller as a “teacher and advocate” to Prentice. Some months before the murder, Miller had intervened on Prentice’s behalf, helping Prentice avoid a four year prison sentence for a probation violation. According to the defense attorney in the case Prentice and Miller had been “good friends and roommates” for at least a year leading up to the murder. One day, Prentice and another man, James Harrison, 21, held Miller down in their home and stabbed him multiple times before carving a swastika into his back. Harrison told police Prentice attacked Miller because Miller called him a derogatory name. “Right-wing” terrorists strike again.

5. White supremacist shot and killed 6 co-workers at Lockheed Martin Plant 7/8/2003 Meridian, Mississippi 6x victim deaths

Doug Williams had worked as a production assemblyman at the same Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. plant for 19 years, when he walked in one morning and went on a shooting spree that left 5 dead and 9 injured. Williams had previously been placed in anger-management and threat-assessment counseling and had recently gone through a bitter divorce. He had also apparently spoken openly for at least a year about his hatred for blacks and capacity for killing.

6. Anti-government “constitutionalist” killed 2 in standoff over land 12/8/2003 Abbeville, South Carolina 2x victim deaths

Arthur and Rita Bixby and their son Steven got into an hours long stand off with law enforcement after a long dormant easement dispute resurfaced in the wake of plans to expand highway adjacent to the Bixby property. The plan on the table for the highway project would actually have resulted in the return of land to the Bixby’s by the government, but the family had a history of rabble-rousing and after highway patrol responded to calls from a highway worker that the Bixby’s were making threatening comments, Steven shot two officers, dragging one into the house. After hours of constant firing from both sides and the release of over twenty canisters of tear gas and pepper spray into the nearly destroyed Bixby home, Steven Bixby surrendered to police. About an hour later, a critically wounded Arthur Bixby also surrendered and was flown to a Greenville hospital, where he later recovered. Steven was sentenced to death, Rita multiple life sentences for conspiracy, and Arthur was found mentally unfit to stand trial and institutionalized.

7. White supremacist skinhead murdered an African American woman 12/16/2005 Mays Landing, New Jersey 1x victim death

Around 10:30pm, Walter Dille called his girlfriend and told her he intended to go out and steal a car. About an hour later he confronted a woman as she exited her car in a movie theater parking lot and shot her, then stole the car and fled the scene. The woman he shot was black and during trial, prosecutors introduced evidence of Dille’s hatred of minorities in the form of letters and postings from his MySpace page read aloud in court. However, Dille was also a career petty criminal with 29 arrests and 12 convictions spanning more than two decades.

8. White supremacist murders Hispanic man in convenience store after argument 7/2/2007 Lubbock, Texas 1x victim death

Lifelong drug addict, Mitchell Erin Wachholtz, was coming down from a meth high when he entered a 7-Eleven to find some men “acting rude and spouting racial epithets” around the store and at one teen in particular. Wachholtz then returned to his van to retrieve a gun, firing four shots and killing one of the men as he approached the store front. A psychologist for the defense said Wachholtz’s childhood, drug dependency and various mental problems made him hypervigilant and caused him to perceive danger where there might not be any.

9. Skinhead gang murdered an Hispanic man 12/4/2007 Yucaipa, California 1x victim deaths

Christopher Fulmer was a member of a small group of skinheads in Yucaipa known to provoke minorities into fights with them. Earlier on the day of the shooting, Fulmer and his friends had aggressively confronted Gilbert Aguilar on the pretext of looking for a car vandal that fit Aguilar’s description. When Aguilar called a friend and left, Fulmer and his friends went to a local park and groused about Aguilar not backing down and disrespecting them. A defense attorney told jurors that Gilbert Aguilar, Joshua Morales and Ryan Couture were upset about the confrontation between Aguilar and Fulmer, and later sought out the skinheads. While walking home after drinking at a friend’s house, Aguilar, Morales, and Couture encountered Fulmer and his friends again about 10:30 p.m. Morales had a hatchet. Fulmer fired the revolver several times. Morales was shot twice and died at a hospital. Couture was wounded when he was shot in the arm and the back. Aguilar was not harmed.

10. Middle school skinhead student shot and killed gay peer 2/12/2008 Oxnard, California 1x victim deaths

14 year old Brandon McInerney sat down in class behind 15 year Larry King and shot him twice in the back before dropping the gun and walking back out.The two boys’ teacher, Dawn Boldrin, described Larry as “soft-spoken” and “outwardly gay.” Larry often showed up to school in women’s clothes, makeup, and high-heels. According to one news report, “Larry’s behavior made him a target for bullying so Boldrin decided to do something nice for him: She secretly gave him her daughter’s green prom dress.” “I bagged it up and before school, very privately, I gave it to him,” Boldrin said. “I told him to enjoy it. Have fun.” Brandon, the shooter, was then described as a “typical eight-grader,” but also “popular and athletic.” The same Boldrin who gave Larry the dress said Brandon was “not a misfit by any means and above all he was respectful.” This extended quote from an ABC News report sums up the case well:

“Three years after the shooting, this past July, Brandon stood trial. There, his defense team would deliver a bombshell: Larry had been sexually harassing Brandon. So who was bullying whom?

The jury in the case ultimately couldn’t reach agreement on a verdict. Five jurors believed that Brandon was guilty of murder while seven voted to convict him of voluntary manslaughter.

All did, however, agree on one thing — that Brandon was not guilty of a hate crime.”

11. Two anti-government violent extremists planted a bomb inside a bank, killing 2 12/12/2008 Woodburn, Oregon 2x victim deaths

A father and son planted a bomb secretly at a bank. They never made any demands and never claimed to be part of a political or ideological movement, and didn’t identify themselves. One of the men called the bank and told a teller that everyone needed to evacuate immediately. Police arrived on scene and eventually found a suspicious package outside, which the bomb squad believed to be a hoax. The device was moved off-site, but accidentally detonated as one of the officers began to dismantle it, killing him and another officer and critically wounding a third. During the trial, prosecutors raised the issue of the two men’s longstanding distrust of government — made worse by the recent election of Barack Obama, which stoked fears of their guns being taken away — as well as their recent financial troubles stemming from a string of failed business ventures as possible motivators for the crime.

12. Neo-Nazi murdered Wesleyan University Jewish student 5/6/2009 Middleton, Connecticut 1x victim deaths

Stephen Morgan had mental lapses as early as kindergarten. After meeting Johanna Justin-Jinich for less than 10 hours during the summer of 2007, he began to have paranoid delusions that she was stalking him. A psychiatrist testified during trial that Morgan was a delusional, paranoid schizophrenic who had come to believe that she posed a threat to him and his family. Morgan wore a disguise as he entered the Red & Black Cafe in Broad Street Books, two blocks from the Wesleyan campus in mid-2009 and shot Justin-Jinich. After Morgan turned himself into police the following day, inside his computer case police found a journal that contained writings about a killing spree targeting Jewish people and “beautiful and smart” Wesleyan students. The journal also said: “Kill Johanna. She must Die.” A three-judge panel declared Morgan was insane and therefore not guilty of murder. He was sentenced to up to 75 years in a mental institution.

13. White supremacists murdered 2 immigrants in home invasion 5/30/2009 Arivaca, Arizona 2x victim deaths

Albert Gaxiola, a Hispanic drug dealer, recruited Shawna Forde and Jason Bush to kill Raul Junior Flores, an Arivaca resident, because the 29-year-old was a competitor in the drug-smuggling business. Bush, the triggerman, was also charged in the 1997 shooting of a white-supremacist in Washington State. The 2009 attack also resulted in the death of Flores’ nine-year-old daughter. Bush was sentenced to death, as was Forde. Gaxiola received two life sentences.

14. White supremacist murdered his stepfather to gain “street cred” 7/28/2009 Paradise, California 1x victim deaths

18-year-old Michael Cavalli shot and killed his stepfather Ronald Lee Hudson, Sr. Various reports indicated the defendant was intimidated by the victim; once even shoved against a wall and forcefully kissed on the mouth. When Marilyn Hudson — mother of the defendant and wife of the victim — took the stand, she testified that she had been married to Ronald Hudson almost two years, but they had been estranged since August 2008. They had been together on and off for about six years prior. Until the kissing incident a year and half before, she said her husband and son had gotten along well. For the past year and half, the relationship deteriorated, and two months before the shooting, she said Michael told her he was afraid of his stepfather and was not comfortable around him. According to detectives in the case, there had been escalating problems recently between Ronald and Marilyn Hudson and her son, Michael Cavalli. Ronald Hudson would show up uninvited at her home and at work, call her at home and during an argument he tried to intimidate Cavalli when he tried to intervene. There was also an incident a week before the shooting in which Marilyn had to call the police to get Ronald to leave her home.

15. Two white supremacist skinheads shoot at interracial couple and killed female 10/3/2009 Phoenix, Arizona 1x victim deaths

Travis Ricci, a member of white supremacist Vinlanders Social Club gang, drove up and shot and killed Kelly Ann Jaeger (a white woman) as she walked down the street with Jeffrey Wellmaker, her African-American boyfriend.Jaeger was walking late at night with Wellmaker when they were approached by Ricci, who challenged Wellmaker. “Hey, n*gg*r, what are you doing with that white woman?” the Ricci asked. Words were exchanged, but it did not escalate to a fight. The man left, and Wellmaker and Jaeger kept walking. Later, Ricci caught up with them. He was the passenger in a white four-door sedan driven by accomplice Aaron Levi Schmidt. Shotgun blasts rang out, and Jaeger, was hit in the stomach. Police wavered at calling the murder a hate crime, despite the obvious racial overtones. Initially, investigators thought the shooting was a drug deal gone bad, and the case quickly went cold. By the time charges were brought for the murder, Ricci was already looking forward to 22 years in prison after being convicted and sentenced for putting his girlfriend’s head into a wall at a party and stabbing the two men who came to her aid. One caught a knife in the hand, the other in the neck.

16. White supremacist shot and wounded 4 women then killed a man 4/20/2010 Wichita Falls, Texas 1x victim deaths

Ross William Muehlberger went to Northwest Texas Field and Stream Association Gun Club and took a cocktail of drugs. Shouting racial slurs, he shot and wounded three black women and a Hispanic woman at Hastings Hardback Cafe, then killed a white man at Toby’s Bar. Muehlberger went to a house. Officers were trying to enter the house when he fatally shot himself. Muehlberger had no known affiliations with white supremacist groups. It was the anniversary of Hitler’s birthday.

17. Two neo-Nazis and a third associate murdered a local drug-dealer 1/9/2013 Verona, Kentucky 1x victim deaths

Jeffrey Allen, 21, Anthony Baumgartner, 23, and Stephen Harkness, 22 lured a white, 19-year-old alleged small-time drug dealer into the back seat of their car and beat him to death. “They were going to rid the world, perhaps one person at a time, of the evil in it,” said Tom Scheben, a spokesman for the Boone County Sheriff’s office. According to Scheben, the men had been planning to kidnap and kill a drug dealer then continue to move up the chain. Allen chose Delfin because he was a known drug dealer in the area and was on probation after being convicted of selling heroin near a local high school. The plan was to force Delfin to reveal the name of his supplier before killing him, then go after the supplier. All three of the killers were former Marines, and allegedly members of the National Socialist Movement, a prominent neo-Nazi group in the United States.

18. Anti-government “survivalist” boarded a school bus with a gun and demanded a student be given to him; he then shot and killed the bus driver 1/29/2013 Midland City, Alabama 1x victim deaths

The day before the shooting, the shooter, Jimmy Lee Dykes, 65, a Vietnam veteran and a retired truck driver, was supposed to appear in court to answer to charges that he’d shot at a neighbor during a December argument over the dirt road that separated their homes. Dykes, a loner and reportedly estranged from his only child, had once beat a neighbor’s dog to death with an iron pipe when it walked onto his property, warned children to not enter his property, and built a speed bump to prevent motorists from driving too fast down the street. Dykes was also known to have patrolled his property at night with a shotgun and a flashlight. On Tuesday afternoon, January 29, 2013, Dykes boarded a school bus and told the driver to give him a child. When the driver refused, Dykes shot him several times, then took a boy off the bus and returned to a bunker he had built on his property, wherein a several day standoff with police began. The standoff ended when police stormed the bunker, killed Dykes, and rescued the child unharmed.

19. Right-wing extremist opened fire and killed 2 young women among patrons during an Amy Schumer movie 7/23/2015 Lafayette, Louisiana 2x victim deaths

The shooter, John Russell Houser, was a loner and drifter and had a history of mental health issues and underwent mental health treatment in 2008 and 2009. In 2008, his wife and daughter, along with his daughter’s then-fiancé and his parents, issued a protective order against him during his mental health evaluation, then apparently ceased all contact with him, and were estranged from him at the time of the incident. Houser had some previous arrest and complaint records including arson, domestic violence, stalking, and selling alcohol to a minor, although these records were at least a decade old. In 2014, when Houser was faced with the threat of eviction from his home in Alabama, he booby-trapped the house by twisting out and igniting the gas starter tube in the fireplace, after removing the logs, in an attempt to make the house catch on fire. In March 2015, a week after his wife filed for divorce, Houser called her and threatened her, then went to a retirement community where his mother lived. There, he threatened to commit suicide outside if she didn’t give him money. Investigators recovered a 39-page journal belonging to Houser, which contained the name of the theater and the time and date of the screening of Trainwreck, along with random notes and observations. However, the journal did not provide a clear motive behind the shooting. Houser killed two people, injured nine others, then took his own life inside the theater.

20. White supremacist shot and killed 9 at his community college 10/1/2015 Roseburg, Oregon 3x victim deaths

Investigators discovered through interviews that the 26-year-old shooter, Chris Harper-Mercer, had struggled with mental health problems since he was a teenager and that his condition undermined his ability to succeed in life, a law enforcement source said. In 2008, Harper-Mercer was discharged from the Army after just one month, apparently for a failed suicide attempt. He described himself on-line as being “mixed-race.” During the shooting, he handed a student a USB drive which later revealed a number of writings espousing a variety of bizarre beliefs, from animosity towards religious people to hatred to blacks and even sexual frustration over being a virgin. No evidence that Harper-Mercer was involved with any political movement or viewed his actions as part of a larger ideological/social/political struggle.