Make Up essentials for your Office Bag!

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With all the files, folders and paper clips in our office bags we barely have enough space for all our beauty products for women. You can’t carry all your eye make up, foundation, primer, blush and every shade of your favorite lipstick to work in one bag. Which means we need to cut down. Select a few essentials and favorites that are versatile enough for all uses. If you have to meet friends for dinner, or just stop on your way to the bar after work- these beauty products for women will have your back for every occasion. 
1. Eyeliner/kajal

A girl never steps out of the house without an eyeliner in her bag. Some replace it with kajal, but there is always at least one basic eye makeup necessity in the bag. However, it’s always wiser to carry both. In case you’re short of space, carry just a kajal for it can replace a liner, but it doesn’t really work the other way around. 
2. Foundation

When beauty products shopping online, you will find a whole range of foundations you can shop from. There’s light weight, matte, creamy and so many more options to choose from. And the only thing that exceeds it is the number of colors available for different skin tones.

3. Two lipsticks

If you have space for more, the more the better. But if you don’t, the best decision to make is to carry a nude shade and a party shade. The nude shade is for work, it could be a beige, soft pink, royal brown or peach. The party shades include colors like neon pink, ruby red, blood red or light purple hues. 
4. Perfume

A hectic, long day at work can make you sweaty and tired. To feel fresh all the time and to make sure the sweat doesn’t get the best of you, it’s advisable to carry a small roll on or pocket perfume in your bag. Keep spraying some in the middle of the day so you look your presentable best.

5. Hair Brush and Pocket Mirror

Keeping your hair on point is a very underestimated task. It is absolutely imperative that you look presentable and professional throughout the day. Since your hairdo has a lot to do with that, you should always carry a comb/brush and a pocket mirror just to be sure. 
While women beauty products shopping make sure you get all these essentials. Office can be really hectic, make sure your look is the least of your concerns.