“Why Won’t She Behave?”: When Will They Stop Asking Hillary Clinton to Apologize?
Susan Bordo

A well written article which falls short on the facts. The media treated Hillary harshly? Are you joking? Have a read of report published by Harvard regarding media bias and Trump here: https://shorensteincenter.org/news-coverage-donald-trumps-first-100-days/ The comment (below)most illustrative of my point begins by condescendingly lecturing readers “Wow the trolls sure came out to play in the responses to this post. Because I am not one, I thank you for a well-reasoned, well-written piece. I always have and will continue to think Hillary is a great candidate…” My point, the liberal left are tolerant, inclusive and accepting until you disagree with them at which point they “act-out” like intolerant, violent fascists.. Of course, you must be wrong because “I am so superior to you disgraceful, uneducated deplorables.. New York and California are the only states which really matter anyway” The facts along with Hillary’s diagnosis as a “pathological liar” by 75% of America probably had NOTHING to do with Hilary’s track record of achievement(s?) and excellent campaign which garnered her broad based support across America. Nothing to see here, move along… You deplorable trolls..