Planet Ponzi
Nov 25, 2015 · 1 min read

Superb, Nafeez.

It’s disgraceful how most “Westerners” refuse to question the “narrative”.

Main stream media is so tightly controlled news has become no more than editorial spin. Governments and acedimic institutions actively transgress individual’s right to free speech & liberty. History shows this is a fascist tactic. Indoctrinating future generations of “thought leaders” to believe “for our protection” is pro-democracy is delusional and dangerous. The USA has lost is way and gone from democracy to plutocracy; with the help of TPP & TTIP we steam like the Titanic towards a totalitarian regime run by a dictator.

Welcome to Planet Ponzi!

    Planet Ponzi

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    The financial system will never be worthy of trust while any institution is TBTF. Heads I win, tails you bail me out: that’s not capitalism,it's extortion.