Ecex.Exchange :Explanation p.4 from Ziggurat Token Sale Agreement

The PlanetZiggurat shall grant to the User an opportunity to use the Ziggurat digital tokens

(i)to opportunities to pay partly for service to sell and buy assignments, claims, receivables, and mediate insurance contracts,

The PlanetZiggurat is the owner of Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform. Trading Platform is intended for trading in legal rights.We use different name of instrument in our papers such as: assignments, claims , divestiture, bill, receivables , personal loan, loan agreements, agreements. Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform is very same as stock market trading systems and there are very similar fee systems, it means that if you list your loan you have to pay fees, and if you make a trade you have to pay fees. All these fees are payable with Ziggurat and the price of the Ziggurat on Trading Platform is 1 ZIG equal 1 EUR.

(ii) to pay partly various support services related to the selling and buying through the exchange, and give users exercise right realize their own requirements regarding claims,

The assignment is a separate set of rights and obligations and in the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform these rights and obligations are locked in a separate file box and signed by the previous owner. But the current owner can delist the assignment and realize his own requrements regarding these rights and obigations in the box.

(iii) Ziggurat cryptocurrency grants the right to profit from up to 20% of Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform outcome, (distribution will be in cryptocurrency, in ethereum until otherwise decided),

There is a strong possibility, that the trading Platform will perform well and we share profit derived from Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform.

(iv) using Ziggurat cryptocurrency for internal payments through the Ecex.Exchange Platform,

We allow using Ziggurat cryptocurrency in every fee on our Platform. We encourage our user to settle the deals in Ziggurats

(v)Allow traders to settle Ziggurat tokens,

Our trading systems allowed make dealt between parties the others cryptocurrencies as well.

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