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This week, we announce our online evolution to Planet Atmos, begin highlighting essential characters from the Exordium comic series across socials, share news about NFL Rivals, appreciate and congratulate one of earliest explorers, and more.

The Next Evolution

We updated our online presence to a simpler name that encapsulates the world of experiences we are creating. We are now @Planet_Atmos on socials and the web! Going forward, emails will be sent from Social handles previously showing “Atmos” or “AtmosXYZ” will now be “Planet_Atmos”.

In support of this change, we’ve redesigned and revamped our website, which now lives at We are still holding onto the old “X”(Twitter) handle and URL, but these will simply redirect users to “Planet Atmos” spaces. We will update the Medium Publication URL soon as well.

The People in Your Neighborhood

We began sharing character profiles across our socials to introduce inhabitants of Planet Atmos featured in our Exordium comic series. These individuals are essential to the lore and history of Planet Atmos and each week we will be highlighting another character from the series.

We kick things off with Addy Aker, a fresh-faced newcomer on the ExoGP racing scene who gets her start as a last-minute replacement for Team Chosen’s star pilot, Pesh Chosen. Addy appears to have the natural skills and agility necessary to win on raw talent alone but she seems intent on relying on her fists to overcome the competition.

The Survey

ICYMI, we published the second episode of the official Planet Atmos podcast, The Survey. Professional wrestler, broadcaster, and voice actor, Matthew Rehwoldt, joined Thomas Hawver, a wrestling enthusiast from the FA team, to talk to us about wrestling, streaming, Chicago, fandom, and more. “A Couple Two, Tree guys from Chicago” — the latest episode of The Survey — is available now on Spotify and elsewhere.

Industry News

This week’s industry news hits in all the right places: sports, fandom, competition, digital collectibles, and frictionless Web3 integration. The NFL, the NFL Players Association, and Mythical Games have collaborated to launch NFL Rivals, the first NFL-licensed game integrating Web3 technology. In NFL Rivals, players become general managers, constructing and owning their dream teams. The game features arcade-style gameplay, competitions, and the ability to join squads representing favorite NFL franchises.

While incorporating Web3 technology, the game focuses on a “gamers first” approach, allowing players to enjoy it without delving into blockchain intricacies. Players can trade digital collectibles on Mythical’s in-game Marketplace, which is built on blockchain technology. Since its soft launch, NFL Rivals has achieved over 2 million downloads and 15 million matches played. The game is seen as a new way for fans to connect with their favorite NFL teams, as evidenced by the Miami Dolphins’ partnership with NFL Rivals. The game aligns with the trend of sports leagues exploring Web3-enabled games to enhance fan engagement and revenue.

Community Highlights

For our highlight this week, we welcome back one of our cherished members, Keilo. Keilo is an early explorer who has always been an integral part of our discussions, sharing valuable insights, some incredible UGC content, and a genuine sense of camaraderie.

We want to celebrate Keilo’s achievements both on Planet Atmos and beyond. We learned that Keilo recently embarked on a new journey and secured a brand new job. Congratulations, Keilo! We wish you all the best on your new adventure.



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