Recently we had an incredible adventure at Sea Ranch, north of Jenner. Here’s a view of the coastline from a trail from Goat Rock State Beach.

3 Reasons Trip Planning Sucks.

For New Years Eve, a bunch of us friends get together for a low key, relaxing getaway in a random town within driving distance from San Francisco. We meet for dinner, open up Google Maps, pick a town and then plan a whole trip around it.

Every NYE trip so far has been phenomenal.

But there is no magic that makes a trip like this come together. It takes a lot of energy and patience to research a destination, find things to do, satisfy everyone’s unique requirements, and do it all at the right price. This process really sucks, for 3 specific reasons.

1. Time is Limited.

Between our jobs, family and other priorities we have very limited time to focus on planning a trip. Most of the time we start too late, and find ourselves overwhelmed or feel pressured to overpay and focus more on the cost that the experience. 6 out of 10 people gave up on planning a trip just because they couldn’t find something compelling.

60% gave up on planning a trip just because they couldn’t find something compelling.

2. Getting Feedback and Commitment is Difficult

One of the most challenging things when planning a trip is coordinating with gaining commitment from the group. When the group size changes or new requirements are needed (e.g. pet or baby friendly, changes in dates etc.) it can cause a lot of iteration and frustration in the process. Since the role of planner doesn’t really cycle through the group, it can be very discouraging.

8 out of 10 found coordinating and scheduling a trip, irrespective of size, to be a challenge.

3. Finding and Booking Great Experiences can be Tough

Once you have dates, and a location locked down it isn’t too hard to fill it in with “stuff” to do. But putting together an itinerary of a wonderful experience — whole another ballgame. This is where talking to a local expert and calling up tour and activity operators can make a big difference. The art of talking on the phone has been lost, and folks want to email or use some messaging app instead. This puts many incredible tour operators out of reach.

And Plangaroo was Born

I thought to myself “could we fix this? could we make it better?” Adventure travel is awesome for the mind. Research has proven that it makes us more effective at our jobs, and when we come back refreshed we tend to be better people.

Strayer’s Three Day Effect shows that those who returned to work after three days of wilderness backpacking performed 50% better on creative problem solving tasks, compared to those who did not

What if the hard work of planning and booking can be offloaded to a concierge? What if it helped us give up less, and travel more and satisfy our dreams of creating wonderful experiences?

People actually get away a lot less than they intend to (Plangaroo Private Beta).

The idea of Plangaroo — an adventure travel concierge — was born.

Our mission is to enable people to spend less time finding, curating and booking, and more time actually having fun.

Plangaroo is for all adventurers and planners. The ones who do the hard work. You bring people together and enrich their lives. You matter.

You bring people together. You matter!

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