“Chronomancer’s Time Manipulator” Item

Daily quests are annoying. Really annoying. Especially when you have to wait over half a year to get one item from daily quests. What if there was an item that you can purchase for Adventurecoins, which resets all daily quests so that you can do them again?

The Suggestion:

The Chronomancer’s Time Manipulator (That’s the name of the item that I’m proposing, but it can have any name) would bea miscellaneous item in Twilly’s Shop in Battleon (Or any of the starting shops or anywhere in the Game Menu) which costs 200Adventurecoins. Upon purchasing the item, any daily quest you’ve completed would be unlocked again so you can do them once more.

Logging in, traveling to /deadmoor, completing both daily quests for Cysero’s Super Hammer (if you are a member) — you then receive 3 Hammer Tokens. Let’s say you’re impatient, and you want to get another 3 that same day. Travel to Battleon, talk to Twilly or whoever will have the item, spend 200 ACs (The number can be tweaked), travel back to /deadmoor and do the daily quests AGAIN!
For people who have the ACs to spare, this item can have unlimited usage. Let’s say you have 3 days remaining until you get the Pyromancer Class, and you’re too anxious to get it — you spend a few hundred adventurecoins, to the dailies again, and the class is yours the same day.

Feedback would be appreciated from anyone who reads this suggestion!

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