A Weekend of Service to the Community

Halloween Party at the PJ Nursery in Sobrante Park, East Oakland

by Kelly “Green” Curry

Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos Weekend proved to be a very busy one for the Community and Staff of Planting Justice. Friday October 28th Staff converged at the farm to enjoy the fresh rains and make paper from the pulp of mashed up clothing. Combat Paper joined us in creating a healing and meditative afternoon of reconnection to the earth and one another as we chilled on the land, laughed, talked, ate and relaxed together in preparation for a long weekend of service to our beautiful Oakland community.

The PJ Staff on our 5 Acre farm last Friday

Saturday October 29th

The Education Team pitched in at Movement Generation’s beloved Community Healing Clinic, greeting participants at the door with freshly harvested kale smoothies packed with vitamins and minerals from locally harvested and blended seasonal fruits. The Healing Clinic, which was held this time at Tassafaronga Recreation Center (home of Kelly Carlyle’s Acta Non Verba) in the deep East of Oakland, enjoyed bright and sunny skies, when heavy rains and thunderstorms had been the forecast. Because the rain stayed away, many community residents were able to come out to receive the love and support offered by healers who came from all over the world to participate.

PJ Educator Kelly Curry serving up kale smoothies at Movement Generation’s Community Healing Clinic

Lots of kids just passing by were also able to experiment and sample the many delights of Planting Justice’s Smoothie Booth and the eclectic group of artists, activists, musicians, poets and lovers of peace Movement Generation brought out to support good vibrations and good living in the community. Special thanks to peeps from Qilombo for pitching in and making the special “Qilombo Smoothie” and to Sky for showing up ready to grow, serve, learn and teach.

Sunday October 30th

Members of our Education Department and Canvas team went out to share the great love of community health and healing by blending green smoothies and speaking to shoppers about the work and mission of Planting Justice at Jack London’s Farmer’s Market. Thanks to CUESA for this great, fun and exciting opportunity to partner on a good thing which brought joy and sunshine even in the midst of heavy downpours!

Simultaneously, across town, The Planting Justice Nursery Crew was putting their energies towards blowing up the bouncy house; popping corn and laying out games and pumpkins for the children of 105th street and the Sobrante Park community. Sobrante Park hosts the Rolling River Nursery, which Planting Justice acquired last spring. The plants, trees and sprouting green grasses, while being nourished and tickled by the rains, were also inspired by the laughter, giggles and joy of local kids who came out in between and in spite of thunderstorms donning their fabulous Halloween costumes, play in the hay, get to know each other and bounce to their hearts content.

Halloween Party at the PJ Nursery in Sobrante Park!

Many, many thanks, gratitude and congratulations to all of the Planting Justice Staff who participated in a weekend of service to the community!

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