Help Destiny Go to School

Making one person smile can change the world, maybe not the whole world, but their world.

17 year old Destiny Adzaho, a young chap who is super smart and talented when it comes to 3D animations, aircraft modeling, engineering drawing and programming is in somewhere between a rock and a hard place.

Destiny not only good in the above but academically sound with excellent grades, is a young chap with incredible talents and a promising future.

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Destiny lost both his parents while in Senior High school, and despite the lemons life handed him, he persevered and successfully completed Keta Senior High with an outstanding result.

He gained admission in 2017 to KNUST & UCC to study Chemistry and Computer Science respectively but unfortunately who is there to help Destiny?

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Financial constraint has been one of the things crippling Destiny's progress.

Read some interview KmlSociety had with him while in school.

We tried different options to get funds from the Municipal Assembly Common funds to get him to school but unfortunately it didn't work out. He even applied for MasterCard foundation scholarship but wasn't selected.

Aside all this, food to eat is another predicament. He stays 1 - 2 days without food and this has resulted to him begging for money.

Who knows what will be Destiny's next action, if he doesn't get any money to buy food?

He applied to teach but then the allowance is just not good. And also the passion to be a teacher is not there.

During his stay at Keta Senior High Technical, Destiny held a lot of leadership positions including President of Robotics Club and Vice for KMLSociety

This call is to help him go to school and also get him a new laptop to continue with his 3D modeling.

Investing in him will yield something greater to the world.

In his words "I believe in God, I believe in friends and I believe in the crowd. Whatever we are or want to be is as a result of someone's help. It takes a person another person to become a hero of change. I want to be a hero of change to Ghana, Africa and the world and I know that I can be because I believe. I need your support to develop my passion so that I can impact the world because I don't just aspire to make a living but I aspire to make a difference in others' lives"

Let's help Destiny today.

Donations are in two forms:

MTN Mobile Money:
Number: 0549639038
Acc Name: Michael Young Antwi
*Send GH¢1 to the above account and nominate a friend to do so too.*

We're open to any form of support! Check out some of his amazing 3D modelling & Animations

To support in anyway :
Call: 0238316914

#Destiny1CediChallenge #helpDestinyGoToSchool

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