My Charming and Exceptional Hosts

A city in a thousand hills lives an extraordinary family. A family that love dominates all over. Wait!

Yh, they always wore that warm smile… I meant always!!! You can’t help but love them!

Meet the most welcoming hosts in the whole Prof. Maurice Zide & Dr. Perien J Boer.

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From Left Perien & Maurice | National Museum Restaurant-Windhoek

So it all started when I got an opportunity to attend Pycon Namibia in Windhoek on the 20th–23rd Feb, 2018.

Pycon Namibia is an annual Python programming conference that brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, scientists, academicians and students. It’s the most important international open source conference in Namibia. Read more about my experience (here)-check later.

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In preparation towards my trip to Namibia, I reach out to my host on the PyCon Namibia mailing list if he can host me for the duration of the conference of which he did.

Maurice was so helpful in preparations towards my trip. ie.
1. Flight booking
2. Calling airline company on my behalf
3. Getting accommodation Voucher for my Transit
4. Shuttle arrangement in Namibia etc

He was so consistent in checking up on my progress to avoid any drawbacks. Unlike my own ‘countryman’ leaving in Namibia whose uncaring response was “I am not a traveling agent.” Could you imagine?

I am very grateful that Maurice had the time to see me through till I finally landed in Namibia.

Even though I was delayed by the immigration for no reason despite the high commissioner in Ghana approving my visa, the family was awake to welcome me to Namibia.

Welcome to the land of the brave!
I was picked-up by Maurice at Christ Church where the National Museum Restaurant is located.

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Christ Church — Windhoek

Upon my arrival, I had an opportunity to take a brief tour with my host through the beautiful city of Namibia-Windhoek. During the tour we visited:

  1. NamPower
  2. Central Police Station
  3. Presidential Residence
  4. NIPAM
  5. ShopRite
  6. Military Barack
  7. Bank Windhoek etc

Meet My Second Hosts
My second host was Stat as in Statistics and snowflakes. They both are lovely cats. Stats is 8 months old whiles snowflake is just 6 months as at writing. They are very friendly and playful.

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Stats & Snowflakes

Pick — Up
I enjoyed the lovely rides, chats, laughs and tours with Maurice, anytime he picks me up to and fro to the venue.

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Call me Chef Noah
I was privilege to cook for the family the famous Ghanaian Jollof rice.

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Chef Noah preparing Ghana Jollof

Final Day in Namibia
Well, my stay in Namibia was gradually coming to an end. The day also mark the final day of the conference. I got a message from my host to take me out to the National Museum Restaurant which had a nice view of Windhoek and also good for sunset drinks.

I hurriedly placed my camera battery on charge so I don’t miss any shots. After the closing remarks and conclusion, I was picked up to the house, dropped my bag and off we went to the Museum Restaurant.

As usual, good laughs and chats in the car to the restaurants. It was lovely being around this couple. The restaurant is on the fifth floor, so we had to use the elevator. The view was just exceptional. The way I didn’t take pictures errrh 😉. See below “conclusion” for the links for more pictures.

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National Museum Restaurant
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From L Noah > Perien > Maurice @ National Museum Restaurant
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Noah & Perien @ National Museum Restaurant

After having some drinks at the NIMMS Restaurant we proceeded to the Nyama Restaurant.

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Nyama Restaurant

Shisha Nyama is a term used in many South African townships to describe a barbecue or braai where people (friends or families) come together to grill meat in an open fire (usually near a butchery) — Wikipedia

At Nyama we sat and discussed about Ghana & Namibia as we wait patiently for our menu request to be served. On the menu was a Crocodile but was out of stock like I would have requested to taste it. Lol! Just kidding! I opted for Hot Meat Platter.

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Hot Meat Platter

Hot meat platter is a delectable meaty treats which has different varieties including: pork, beef, mutton, sheep, antelope etc

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Indeed, it was a memorable day in Namibia. Who will forget all these treats?

A couple of things learnt about Namibia from my host:
1. Heroes’ Acre is a national monument to honor heroes, heroines & those who perished in liberation struggle for independence.

2. Minerals available includes: Gold, Diamond, Copper, Coal, Uranium, and rare earth.

3. Kuiseb is a name of a river that runs through Windhoek.

4. Zebra Striping — Every male minister must have a deputy as a woman and vice versa.

5. I had an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about the fascinating culture of the Himba people, located in the Northern part of Namibia.

6. Almost everything in Namibia is imported elsewhere.

Some Goodies from Namibia
All thanks to Perien. She is so generous that before I left Namibia my bag was loaded with amazing foods from Namibia.
I have consumed some of the foods already, they were really nice.

  1. Marula Nuts, Jam & Oil
  2. Top Scope Super Maize
  3. Samp & Beans
  4. Sliced Beetroot
  5. Chocolate Cupcake etc

You are the best and amazing family I’ve ever spent time with. I really appreciate the love and care. It was ‘home’ away from ‘home’ and I enjoyed my stay with you. God bless you. I can’t wait to visit Namibia again. You’re welcome anytime to Ghana!

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