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When we design a digital product we capture its personality through visual patterns such as colors, fonts, sizing, animations and spacing. We use this visual attributes to create components and layouts, and tools like style guides or design systems to share them. As a team we discover Design Tokens as a powerful tool to name, organize and share this attributes.

Design Tokens are entities that store design attributes through naming conventions. Which means that a token represents a design decision. For example a button can be constructed with a color, padding, and text style; each of these visual attributes can…

© Plastic 2020. All rights reserved.

Did you know that according to WHO over a billion people are estimated to live with some form of disability which makes 15% of the world’s population. To this data add people who is experiencing temporary or situational disability. That means that there is a large group of users that are accessing and experiencing digital products on a whole different way. That’s when inclusive design and accessibility becomes a crucial element of the design process.

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What is Lean UX

When we started developing digital products we worked on an Agile framework to deliver. However, during the development cycles most of the time was consumed on the design process, gathering user requirements, researching and finally documenting everything. The great problem with all of this is that it took us time to validate our assumptions quicker.

So Lean UX method resonated with us because it focus on obtaining users feedback as early as possible so that we can learn quickly and make decisions for the next iteration. The idea is to stop focusing on deliverables and build something, get it in…

This article is part of a design system series that we will be publishing. On this publication we are sharing some methodologies we use when we establish an organization for a design system.

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Approaching to system methodologies.

All design system is founded under a set of key principles to unify a common language between all team members. The organization methodologies are collected under those fundamentals, and help us to establish namings and content structure. …

Some thoughts and tips on how we approach microinteractions and how important is for the user experience.

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Even everyday things are interactions.

There are thousands of interactions in our everyday life which we are not aware. For example, pushing the button to start toasting, setting the time in the microwave, the beeping sound of the refrigerator alarm,… all these events help us trigger an action, understand the state or give us feedback. In a similar way digital products are made of microinteractions and here the details can make the difference between a good or bad experience.

This article is part of a design system series that we will be publishing. On this first publication we are sharing how we define an initial scope when we build a design system.

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When is design system useless?

Never. No matter how small it is, even not depending on if we develop it. Design systems are always useful, is a system to organize, guide and facilitate team work and projection within a product. It improves consistency, communication and cost effectiveness in the design process. Ok, but how do we fit the right system to our product?

Work in a collaborative way is what makes us learn from each other everyday and evolve all together as a team.

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Don’ t say remote, say collaborative.

All of us meet software that let us work remotely, but we wonder what this tools bring to our team. In Plastic we bet for a collaborative environment through continue communication, centralized work, constant feedback, transparency and team spirit.

Omnichannel: a case study

The minute we received the Arvind briefing we knew it was an interesting project.

Arvind is a leading company in the retail business, besides being regarded as a reference in the fields of fashion and lifestyle in India.

The corporate goal was to raise online presence and, despite the fact that the request was for the creation of an e-commerce, they made it clear that our proposal could include everything we thought could help achieve the goal.

Our biggest incentive as a team from the beginning was the complete freedom we were offered to present our proposal. …


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