How to recover with children? The mommy makeover recovery guide!

Being a mother doesn’t mean that you can’t have wishes of your own, like getting back in shape! However, having plastic surgery while you have to look after your children as well means that you have to get back on track as soon as possible. With this in mind, we have created a guide that allows you to recover fast and without any issues.

Firstly, you’ll need to find someone to help you take care of your child during the recovery time. The recovery time can vary from patient to patient, but it can be estimated based on your day to day activities, your physical and emotional state and your age as well. Now let’s see what will happen during the different stages of your recovery:

First weeks

After the procedure, after you are allowed to go home, the first 1–2 weeks you’ll feel pretty sore, and need plenty of rest. You’ll need help not just with taking care of your children, but with your daily needs as well, so it’s important to have a family member or a loved one you can rely on. Don’t pick up heavy things and avoid physical activity.

Week 3–5

During these time, your recovery will speed up and you can slowly return to some of your day to day activites. Keep in mind when taking care of your children, that you are still not allowed to lift heavy things, so a little help still can be needed.

After 6 weeks

This is the time you’ll need to fully resume your regular activities, including exercise. 6 weeks may seem a long time, but if you strain yourself before it is allowed, you’ll only make the recovery time even longer.

Things to consider before surgery

The term mommy makeover implies for a series of surgeries usually on the breasts and tummy area. Some women get scared when they realize how long the recovery can be, and decide to do the different surgeries separately. But it is not a smart thing to do, as it means that you will have to go under anaesthesia more than once, and start the recovery process over and over again, which aggregately will be way longer than doing the procedures all at once.

You should also consider the age of your children, and whether you are planning to have another one in the future. It can be difficult for a mother to refrain from the activities with their children, but plenty of rest after the surgery is the key to a fast and successful recovery.

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