End of the Line: Packaging

The In’s, Out’s, and Everything in Between

At Platform88, we get the same question every week: can you do packaging?

When clients think about manufacturing their product, packaging is typically not one of the first things they consider. However, packaging is a crucial element and its importance should not be overlooked. Beyond the obvious function of holding and protecting your product, packaging provides a unique opportunity to add value to your product through the design and language used.

If there’s anything you should remember from this article, it’s these three thoughts:

One, packaging is complicated. There are dozens of variables that must be considered before your product is neatly packaged and on the shelves.

Two, packaging is important. First impressions matter.

Three, yes, we can do it. No one said packaging was easy, but at Platform88, it’s second nature for our team of designers, merchandisers and retail specialists.

Packaging Is Complicated

How many SKUs (stock keeping units) and components does your product have? Will your product be on the shelf or hanging? What protection is needed to assure your product arrives unscathed?

There’s many factors pertinent to defining packaging. Functionality is one of the key tenets of packaging design, determining the pure physical design of packaging. Your packaging must be designed to accommodate the constitution of your product, while providing ample protection during transportation and also conforming to retail specifications. Most importantly, if your product is hanging in a retail store, it better be hanging straight.

Platform88 co-founder Jacob Rothman says that one of the most common mistakes made by clients is not testing whether the packaging hangs straight.

By the time packaging reaches the sketch phase, the designer needs to have a clear understanding of the product and its journey from factory to user.

Packaging Is Important

On the other hand, value reflects consumer perception of the product. Product packaging may be a consumer’s introduction to your brand, especially if you’re a startup or small business. Packaging isn’t just the frontline of your product, it’s the first thing you tell a consumer about yourself and how you value your work.

Central to value is design. Attractive, appropriate design which supplements functional aspects can turn a design from good to great. Good design will encourage a consumer to buy a product, but great design will encourage them come back to the brand.

However, there are ways for startups to keep costs low, while still delivering beautiful packaging. Jimmy Gong, one of our packaging experts, recommends simplification. Keeping your packaging simple can provide a clean look and decrease the overall cost. When working with startups, Jimmy says he aims to keep packaging costs below 10% of the product’s cost. Last year, Jimmy worked with Cold Bruer to design and engineer their packaging. The circular design decreases the number of pieces while providing ample protection for the glass product. The design of the exterior compliments the simple and transparent design of the product, while effectively communicating the function and capability of Cold Bruer.

Platform88 Has You Covered

Platform88 not only has an amazing team of merchandisers and retail specialists, but we also have relationships with expert packaging designers and engineers.

We’ve had years of experience working with clients to design and manufacture packaging for the global market. We also have relationships with vetted packaging manufacturers to assure on-time production and fulfillment.

So back to that weekly question — can Platform88 do packaging? You probably know the answer by now.