Inspiration for Innovators: 3 Gadgets to wow your party guests

What is the point of buying cool, new gadgets? Making your life easier.

Preparing beverage for social gatherings is not a huge deal, but kind of a big deal. Here are three fresh crowdfunded campaigns that will wow your party guests.

  1. Levitating CUP: Gravity Defying Drinkware

Sometimes, just sometimes, you miss carrying light, plastic, disposable solo cups in college parties. With this cool drinkware you don’t have to carry a glass anymore. Available in wired and wireless version, prices start at $129.

2. Spill Proof Spinning Wine Glass

This is a real fun gadget, especially for the movie Inception fans. Or those who sometimes find wine glasses a bit boring. Play with your wine glass knowing that you are not going to make a mess. Only three more days to go! Available at $25 for two.

Spin, slip and rest!

3. EZ-Drinks: Mix the Perfect Cocktails Effortlessly

Let’s have our guests make their own cocktails. Yes, we could buy a fully automated cocktail maker that has it’s own mobile app. But with just $25, you can get a pitcher and a ruler, that can teach anyone how to make delicious cocktail.

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