Upstream 2.0 Platform Marketing

Part 1: Why “Disrupt or Be Disrupted” is a False Choice for Startups

Joseph Bentzel, Platformula1

Monoculture-Advantaged Partnering (MAP): Some Platform Marketing History

Platform Market Hackers Plug Into Existing Monocultures as Ingredient Innovators: Think Microsoft in the IBM PC or Google in the Yahoo Portal

Monoculture-Advantaged Partnering (MAP) is Not Just for Startups

1. Platform marketers are wise to detox from the ‘Disrupt or be disrupted’ koolaid.

2. Learn how to see monoculture as a partnering opportunity.

3. Platform businesses often begin life as “ingredient” services businesses.

Joseph Bentzel, Platformula1 founder, is a specialist in “Partner First” growth marketing for cloud, mobile, XaaS, & IoT innovators.

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