If You Build It They Will Come!

If you build it, they will come. That is the line from “Field of Dreams”. It is fitting for other things too.

Part of the effort of the City of Wausau in redeveloping its East Riverfront north of Downtown along the Wisconsin River has been to extend a new segment of the city’s River Edge Walkway on the east side of the Wisconsin River. The River Edge Walkway now runs nearly the entire length of the east bank of the Wisconsin River in the city from East Wausau to Oak Island Park.

This bridge crosses a newly restored creek at its confluence with the Wisconsin River.

This is the first warm day in February and people came out in droves to enjoy the river from this beautiful new segment of the River Edge Walkway. This trail goes through what was once a very blighted area that is being transformed and renewed in a public-private effort to reinvest and redevelop this area.

Numerous bikers and pedestrians came out. They ran, they walked their dogs and lovers enjoyed new scenery. This is something for the community to celebrate.

There is more too come for this area as new apartment complexes are being built. A restaurant and family entertainment center is already in business as “Wausau on Water”. More park land is also in the plans .

The community pulled together for this with a mixture of public and private funding. These improvements are thoroughly justified when such a large area becomes blighted and crime-ridden. We have taken out the ugliness and made something beautiful that will be an asset to our city for years to come.http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/2018711906

In this picture from the Scott Street Bridge you can see the entire trail segment and Wausau on Water to the right.

The city will celebrate the opening of the River Edge Walkway with an Open Streets event on May 21. Come on out and enjoy!