Meet our advisor: Mr Yojiro Tsutsumi

The person we really appreciate for all he’ve done for MicroMoney’s token distribution campaign is our advisor Mr. Yojiro Tsutsumi, the Director of Grand Corporation Osaka. This Japanese company is well-known in developing, restaurants, wedding salons and other services businesses and interested in expanding its business in Asia. It is honor for us that this is the second top manager from Grand Corporation Osaka who supports us. We already wrote about our advisor from this corporation, Mr. Yoshiyuki Taira, here.

Without any doubt, Japanees crypto market is one of the most important globally, so we would like to thanks Mr. Yojiro Tsutsumi for his attention and his trust to our company’s success.

Platinum QDAO Engineering

Written by

Anton Dziatkovskii, Data Scientist & Cryptographer

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