Banking sector always enjoys a monopoly of other financial services. With the introduction of digitalization the sector has gone through some rapid changes. Open Banking essentially creates an ecosystem of data sharing which could revolutionize the banking industry. Open Banking has been embraced by many countries in Europe, with the…

With its historical roots entrenched in the 1970’s, the concept of microfinance has taken over the world through its widespread conceptual tentacles. Despite its short historical record, its significance defined by the efforts of pioneers such as Mohammad Yunus and Akhtar Hameed Khan and large number of many other figures…

Well, is it possible to stop using cash in our today’s world? To find out , let’s see what experts have to say about this: According to a McKinsey Report, in 2010 , 2.5 billion adults — just over half of the world’s adult population, did not use formal financial…

A recent research conducted by BAE Systems revealed that 74% of business customers think banks use machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect activities related to money laundering. In reality, banks rely on human investigators to manually sift through alerts — a hard-to-believe fact selected only by 31% of respondents…

Money and its exchange through payments have evolved a lot from the time of its inception. From goods to grain, from metal coins to paper, from bank accounts to e-wallets, money has taken various shapes, sizes, and forms. Payments evolved from a barter system to the token system to cash…

MicroMoney is an Open Source Credit & Big Data Bureau that connects new customers to all existing financial services. Last year we completed a very successful ICO. MicroMoney is one of few Blockchain companies that is backed by a real product. The heart of our project is AMM token.






ICO Start:ICOの立ち上げから実行までをサポート
Market Making:トークン上場後の流動性確保をサポート
ICO Legal:ICOにおける法務面をサポート




Dear friends and colleagues, we are really excited about coming soon conference in Tokyo. This will be meeting of 3000 investors and token-holders who are interested in blockchain future and ICOs. And we want you to come with us!

We have 20 invitations. We will sell to it for 1…

The 2018 Asia Pacific Business Forum (APBF) is one of the most important events connecting public and private sectors in the region. In 2018, the forum is held in Hong Kong, China at 10–11 April 2018 with more than 300 participants around the world. …

Dear friends! Here is your chance to win 1000 free AMM tokens!

Vote for listing AMM tokens on the HUOBI.PRO Exchange and take on three prizes:

1 prize — 1000 AMM

2 prize — 750 AMM

3 prize — 500 AMM

To take part in the voting you need to…

Platinum QDAO Engineering

Anton Dziatkovskii, Data Scientist & Cryptographer

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