What Is Love, And How Do You Find It?

What is love? You’ve probably heard the same verses repeated over and over again:

love is patient, love is kind…

But after a while, these words become meaningless; a record left on repeat for so long that the had music fell deaf to the ears. So then you’ll ask again. “Ok, what is love, and where can I find it?”

Love is understanding that it will never be that fairytale romance you see in movies and fantasize about.

Love rotates between being gratifying, rewarding, gritty, and tough- all at once.

You can find it while you’re sitting at Panera, eating your bread bowl, and the person next to you sparks up a conversation with you that catches your interest.

Love is staying up until you know your sick partner has fallen asleep and is resting comfortably, even if you desperately need the sleep as well, or have work in less than three hours.

Love is listening to every story about how the day was, zoning out between words and then coming back to the ramble of words, only to respond with a kind gesture to resolve those issues, no matter how big or small.

You can find it at a Pub after a Drum Corps open house, and watch as it blossoms into something more than you’ve ever expected.

You can find it when you’re at your lowest point in life, and that person was the one to help pick the pieces back up.

Love is buying the ingredients for a batch of cookies, and then burning the entire tray.

Love is holding her hair as she throws up from morning sickness or from having too much to drink.

Love is remembering that he never has time to grab food between job rotations, and bringing him a cooked meal to eat.

You can find it at the library as you pick up your books for college. You’ll meet someone in line who is majoring in the same thing and find your connection.

Love is picking and choosing your battles, and understanding you won’t win all of them.

Love can bring a lot of tears and pain, but love is also repairing those things and becoming better.

Love is looking at the one you are standing next to and getting the warm feeling inside that says, yeah, I can see myself spending my life with this person.

When you find it? Be patient. You can’t rush love, so be patient with it. Savor each moment you have together and relish in the moments you have together. Take pictures because you know she loves making memories, dance even if you are shy, because love is a beautiful thing.

and you can find it if you open your heart to it.