Crabada Lore: Forging of Cragma

A Bulk Class Short Story

Part 1

The underwater world is full of color and excitement, but for many, also hardship. Just as the pressure grows as one goes deeper into the depths, one must adapt in order to survive in an ever changing environment.

No better example for this exists than Cragma, a young but resilient Bulk crab fighter who has gone through a journey of transformation that truly exemplifies the darwinian nature of the deep oceans.

Deep in the cave city of the Bulk Clan, an event is taking place that has the attention of the entire city. It is the final round of the Bulk Battle, an annual tradition among the Bulk Clan where young warriors take part in duels to compete for valuable rewards that can change the fate of one’s family but more importantly the glory of being the Bulk Champion, a coveted title in the Bulk Clan that confers many intangible benefits.

In this situation we find Cragma, who is now about to face his greatest foe yet. Icexa, the champion of the past 3 Bulk Battles, steps out from his corner of the ring and basks in the adulation of the watching audience. The roars of approval that ring out from the arena stands are deafening, and any other fighter might have felt disheartened or pressured by the intimidating atmosphere. But Cragma was no ordinary fighter and as he entered the ring, he chuckled as he recalled how he got here.

Part 2

Cragma grew up in a loving but impoverished family that lived in a mining community deep in the volcanic mountains. In order to support his family, Cragma had to start working at a young age at the nearby mining sites in treacherous conditions.

Given his family’s lack of resources, Cragma was physically weak and while hardworking and eager, constantly found himself lagging behind his older and stronger peers. This led to some of the other miners to treat him with disrespect and to play cruel pranks on him.

Despite this, Cragma always maintained a positive outlook and endeavored to treat all his coworkers kindly, a product of his loving parents who always taught him to always be kind to others and to never give up even in the face of adversity.

However, one day while working deep inside a mine that was next to an active volcano, the volcano suddenly erupted and caused massive landslides that began to bury the mine. Even as the miners within tried to run for the surface as fast as they could, Cragma selflessly took it upon himself to remain behind to help everyone out and ensure that nobody was left behind.

Unfortunately, while Cragma’s heroic actions helped ensure that all the miners on duty that day managed to escape the mine, Cragma found himself trapped as the main mine shaft collapsed before he could escape. Trapped in the darkness of the mine, and with lava from the erupting volcano slowly flooding the tunnels, Cragma felt the pressure to survive both figuratively and physically.

While Cragma worried for his life and whether he would see his family again, he knew that he could not succumb to his fears and swore to do whatever it took to make it out.

Part 3

Cragma began feeling his way through the dark tunnels and tried to look for side tunnels or escape hatches that he could use to escape but found them all blocked. With lava slowly flooding the main mine shaft, Cragma had no choice but to retreat deeper into the mine and the mountain in order to simply outrun the encroaching lava.

Now trapped with lava blocking his rear and the volcano to his front, Cragma had no choice but to seek refuge in some of the exploratory tunnels in the deepest parts of the mine, where the proximity to the volcano made the heat and pressure nigh unbearable.

Thankfully, Cragma stumbled across some mining gear and protective clothing that was left behind and wrapped himself in it to try and ward off the heat and pressure. Knowing that he would not have long before the lava behind him caught up, Cragma began to use the gear to dig through the hard rock walls around him, hoping for a miracle that he could dig his way back up to the surface. Working furiously in the boiling heat, Cragma caught a lucky break when, after some digging, the wall in front of him collapsed to expose a natural lava tunnel that seemed to lead to the outside of the mountain.

Carefully making his way down the tunnel and avoiding the lava that flowed around his feet, Cragma felt his strength slowly slipping away from him as the heat and pressure continued to sap him. Eventually, Cragma reached the end of the tunnel and found that it led to a crack in the mountain that could serve as his chance to escape to the surface. But even as his salvation stood close at claw, Cragma faced one last obstacle as a separate lava tunnel intersected the exit and caused a small lava waterfall that he would have to go through in order to escape.

By this time, Cragma was extremely fatigued and close to delirium, his mind screaming at him to lie down and take a nap. Yet right before he was about to succumb to the voices in his head, Cragma thought of his family and his parents. Whether it was a hallucination or a divine vision, Cragma saw his parents reaching out to him and in their familiar words, reminded him to never give up. Armed with this inspiration, Cragma drew strength from deep within himself and prepared for one last push to escape.

While he was weak and the lava was hot enough to melt rock, Cragma knew that the lava waterfall before him was small and with the protective clothing around him, there was a chance he could jump through it and get out.

Seeking to put more barriers between himself and the lava, Cragma quickly gathered rocks from the walls around him and covered himself in them, using some lava that had cooled into a sticky goo to adhere the rocks to his clothing. Protected in his improvised armored shell, Cragma backed up as far as he could and prepared to make a final dash through the lava waterfall to freedom. With the sound of lava rushing from the interior of the mountain behind him threatening to catch up, Cragma gave a final prayer to his parents and ran as fast as he could and jumped into the waiting arms of destiny…

Part 4

Standing tall above Icexa’s defeated form, Cragma recovered from the exertions of the recently concluded battle, the rocks on his hardened skin pulsing red with every heavy breath he took.

While the cries of adulation from the audience roared around him and the referee lifted his claws up in victory, Cragma did not celebrate immediately. Instead he respectfully reached down to help Icexa to his feet. Icexa looked at him through bruised eyes and while still stinging from his defeat, acknowledged Cragma as the stronger fighter.

Hugging Cragma in a respectful embrace while the announcers gushed over the rewards that Cragma would soon receive, Icexa couldn’t help but ask Cragma how he was so calm even in the face of a life-changing experience.

Sheepishly looking at Icexa, Cragma shrugged and with a smile, told Icexa that he responds well to pressure.


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