Crabada x Salad Ventures Partnership Announcement

As part of our continued efforts to enhance our community’s experience and deepen our roots in the GameFi ecosystem, Crabada has partnered with Salad Ventures!

Salad Ventures

Salad Ventures focus’ on the education and mentorship of their community. Already numbering in the hundreds of thousands, they’re on track to onboard over 1,000 scholars by the end of 2021. Their goal of quality, long-term sustainability through relationships with quality projects and partners, is the key to their growth.

This partnership is ideal with Crabada’s community-first approach and commitment to education and mentorship.

Backed by leading industry investors counting Multicoin Capital along with the notable Anthony Pompliano and Santiago Santos, Salad has raised over 2 Million USD.

Salad Ventures’ GuildOS — P2E Guild Management System

Their heavy investment in guild-related infrastructures evidences salad Ventures’ commitment to quality and a healthy community. Their proprietary GuildOS guild management system and education through their innovative Salad Academy platform, providing training through a range of basic to advanced courses for players to learn how to play P2E games such as Axie Infinity.

As such, we are confident that this partnership with a future leader in the GameFi guild space will be beneficial for both our communities and help drive further innovation for the larger GameFi industry.

The Partnership

Crabada will be collaborating with Salad Ventures on two fronts.

Under the first part of the partnership, Crabada will lend 500k TUS to Salad Ventures out of our Treasury. The loan tenor will be six months, after which Salad Ventures will be returning 1M TUS to the Crabada Treasury.

Salad Ventures will use the borrowed TUS to purchase Crabada, such that their scholars can immerse themselves in the new ecosystem and experience the upside potential of Crabada.

Salad Ventures will be locking 30K CRA as goodwill and commitment to the partnership.

The TUS loan contract and CRA collateral contract are as follows:

TUS Loan:

CRA Collateral:

Salad Academy

Under the second part of the partnership, Salad Ventures will be launching courses on the Salad Academy platform focused on teaching students how to master Crabada gameplay and strategies.

Salad Academy is the Udemy of the GameFi community. It offers a comprehensive introduction for players and lowers entry barriers for those new to blockchain games.

These courses will be available for free, enabling new players to learn how to play Crabada in a fun and effective manner. Salad Academy serves as an intuitive on-ramp for new players to get onto the Crabada ecosystem and enjoy the game and all its associated benefits.

Crab-Salad of the Future

This partnership will undoubtedly play a formative role in onboarding the next wave of Crabada players and supporters.

By harnessing Salad Ventures’ expertise in building communities & supporting infrastructure, we envision increasing accessibility for new players to join the Crabada ecosystem.

The teams at Crabada and Salad Ventures are optimistic about the future of our collaboration, and we look forward to shaping our shared vision for the future of the GameFi landscape.

About Salad Ventures

While managing Apollo Squad, one of the top gaming guilds globally, Salad is a solid team of innovators in the industry. Between their guild management, platform — GuildOS, and their new Salad Academy where they offer ease of access P2E education for new players, they’re building the new foundation of the new Play-to Earn economy.

For more information and updates on Salad Ventures, follow us on Twitter, Website, Telegram, Media Kit.

Upcoming Crabada Events

Here is the list of the events to look forward to. Keep up-to-date via our social channels*!

  • Special Event: Of Crabs, Carols and Giving (Ongoing)
  • CRA Staking (December 2021)
  • Mobile Lite Version (December 2021)

*Links to all official social channels can be found at the end of the article.

About Crabada

Welcome to the world of Crabada. Rediscover the prosperous ancient Hermit-Crab Kingdom once ruled by Crustaco, King of the Crabada. Recruit loyal followers to your cause. Harvest precious resources from mines, and breed new warriors for your army. Loot enemies or humble miners unaware, claiming your rightful share of their riches.

Will you be the one to take the place as King of the Crabada? Or will you sow the seeds of discord across the land? The world is your oyster. Soon, they will tremble when they hear your name.

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Set forth on your adventure in a prosperous undersea Kingdom with Crabada NFTs! Battle and earn rewards effortlessly in idle gameplay!🪙