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PlayDapp gamers! It’s been a while since we dished out some tips for CryptoDozer! So it’s time again to get out there and share some tips to getting exactly what you want!

The core need in CryptoDozer is Cookies, run out of them, and that it, sad times. Sure you can stock up and buy a hefty amount for real cheap, but there’s got to be better ways. Skillful ways. After all, we're in it to make some sweet NFTs and crypto not just spend it for fun.

So, here are three tips to make sure you end up with more than a baker's dozen of cookies!

Know your dolls

It’s important to know the basics of all the dolls you’re collecting. Every doll can be used to make game-changing NFT fancy dolls and you can check that out in the collection area.

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But there’s more than that to a doll, each one also has a base cookie value. This cookie value changes depending on the rarity of the Doll. Not only that, but the rarest of the six variations of each Doll has its own base cookie value. …

Welcome to the Wild West! Grab your shooting finger and get ready.

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PlayDapp Gamers it’s time for another awesome Developer Diary, with Seungmo ‘Mangrove’ Choi! We’ve been working hard on our take on the arcade classic. We’ll be releasing more details with more developer updates, but right now let’s hand over to Seungmo ‘Mangrove’ Choi for the latest development.

Hello, It’s me Seungmo ‘Mangrove’ Choi. One of PlayDapp’s game developers, and currently PlayDapp’s Pinball expert! …

It’s all been happening

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A lot can happen in a month, and what a month it’s been for us all here at PlayDapp! We’ve had big announcements for every part of the PlayDapp ecosystem. If you missed it we, can’t blame you. Luckily, we’re here to gather all the big news in one easy place, so get ready for a monster of a month’s update! Make sure you reach the end as there’s a massive announcement for the future of PlayDapp!

So where to begin….

PlayDapp Token (PLA) news!

There’s no other way to start, we’ve simply got to get the biggest story right at the start. So here we go!

PlayDapp Token PLA was listed on Upbit!

After steadily working away at this ambitious goal since the launch of CryptoDozer 2.0 we hit our goal of seeing our PLA token listed!
Going straight into the direct trade with BTC markets PLA has been live and it’s been exciting to see the token on its journey.

Of course with more plans in the works for our PlayDapp Ecosystem, we can’t wait to see the Token become more valuable for everyone, from using it as a gaming asset to those who want to hold it as the next hot thing! …


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