The funny cases in the Olympic Games 2016

The Olympic games have already started and no event goes without some hilarious incidents. The opening ceremony didn’t generate the reaction the organizers were hoping for. Here are some funny tweets from the start of the opening ceremony:

It seems like the opening ceremony didn’t go without some dark humor about the role of the Russian teams.

Here is a video compilation of the funniest fails so far from the Olympic Games in Rio. The video starts with a dropped torch and includes funny cases of fails from competitions so far.

The athletes are in full concentration as they aim at bringing gold home and making their country proud. It’s a shame that every year athletes get slashed for their funny pictures. Imagine trying your hardest and having every inch of you exposed in photographs. That being said, it’s really funny to see the faces of the athletes. They’re in control of the situation, but the one thing they don’t have control of is their facial expressions. Here are some of the funniest cases from the Olympics 2016.

India’s Dipa Karmakar is attempting at the vault. These hilarious pictures are definitely funny but we have to give the athletes credit for trying hard.

Chaopan Lin from China has a priceless expression while he completes his routine for the parallel bars.

You can already tell some of these images will turn into memes. Nikita Nagomyy from Russia performs a mesmerizing trick.

Ruby Harrold from Britain looks slightly concerned as she performs at the Uneven Bars tournament.

Tabea Alt from Germany looks worried as if she might not make it at the Uneven Bar championship.

Ryohei Kato has a very serious facial expression during his parallel bars performance.

Mai Murakami seems like she’s yelling as she performs her leap.

Although many of these cases are funny, we have to give our respects to all the athletes for trying hard during the performances of their life time. All these people train for years just so they can perform for the Olympics. That being said, no Olympic games have gone without the funny captured expressions of the athletes.

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