MetaGods Hosts 7 Days of Blessing for Community

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10 min readApr 28, 2022

Here Ye! Here Ye! The Goddess of Blessings has arrived to bring us immeasurable wealth and prosperity. We humbly request the pleasure of your company at this auspicious event to receive this very blessing today!

Following our immensely successful LAND sale, our team at MetaGods has been hard at work to bring our MetaHeroes the blessing of the millenium. The seven blessings, all crucial in helping you reach your full potential on the path to godhood, will be revealed one by one over the next seven days, so don’t forget to mark your calendars and receive your blessing every single day!

On the first day of blessings, MetaGods gave to me…

Day 7 — MetaGods Ventures into Mobile Gaming with Social Hub

We always save the best thing till last, and MetaGods is no exception. As we have promised, the most anticipated, EPIC release of MetaGods on mobile is finally here, in conjunction with our brand new social hub!

You might be wondering…what is a social hub? Well, MetaHeroes should see the hub as a crypto base in our metaverse. Not only can you enter our game through it, but you can also use this opportunity to chat with other communities’ members, host events, stake tokens to earn any of our partners’ tokens, and more! Simply log in with your NFT, and enjoy the wondrous world of MetaGods on your very own mobile devices!

Here are some of the many reasons why you should keep your eye out for the BEST social hub in the gamefi sector:

  • Socialization: Need a partner (or partners) in crime? MetaGods’ social hub offers an audio and video chat feature where you can call up your fellow MetaHeroes, discuss how to earn, and play MetaGods with them all day.
  • Showcase: Everybody needs a badge of honour, wear yours on your sleeve through our showcase feature, where you can flex your highest tier NFTs to everyone in the community.
  • Concerts: Want to share your favourite music but don’t know how? With MetaGods’ social hub, you can now host a plethora of musical concerts. Introduce your favourite genres! MetaGods celebrates all music, Hip-hop, Rock, LoFi, and even KPop!
  • Livestreams: Sometimes streaming platforms can get a bit of traffic and you just want to be part of an exclusive community, well no worries! Just sign up on MetaGods’ social hub to access your favourite KOL’s live streams. Entertainment in the MetaGods’ metaverse is just a fingertip away!
  • Voice AMAs: We hope you enjoyed our AMA section with Boxmining yesterday… what’s that? Do you want more? Well, you’re at the right place! Tune into our social hub to interact and ask questions with your favourite guests like Boxmining, Myrtle and NineXT! Who will be next? That’s for you to find out!
  • Land Owners: There are exclusive benefits for our dear landowners of course! Want to build your own community within MetaGods? Sign in to our social hub to build your own social room and further expand your community!

Do you want to be one of the first MetaHeroes to gain access to our new feature? Stay tuned to our social media channels for more information!

Day 6 — Welcome our Special Guest, Boxmining!

MetaHeroes who have been paying close attention to our page may know that we have been working together with Boxmining for a while now!

Well, on this fateful day, Boxmining has decided to grace us with his presence to directly interact with our community! Go visit Official Telegram Channel here today at 5PM UTC to directly communicate with Boxmining, feel free to ask questions, engage in playful banter, or even ask for advice! As an investor and KOL of MetaGods, Boxmining is sure to leave you satisfied with his infinite wisdom and knowledge. (Hint: he may have also brought some special gifts!)

On the final day of blessings, MetaGods gave to me…

Day 7 — Come Back on May 4th, 2022 for the Next Blessing!

Day 5 — Arrival of the Necromancer

“There shall not be found among you any one who maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or who useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch, or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.”

Or are you feeling just a teeny bit rebellious? MetaHeroes, welcome to the land of the dead, as MetaGods introduces a brand new class for your pleasure — The Necromancer Class. This class is no easy feat at all, but those who have mastered it will find themselves experts in the following skills:

  • Summon Skulls: Automatically follow your enemies around by summoning small skulls, if the skulls fail to attack, it will disappear.
  • Summon Skeleton: Summon your own bodyguard, the skeleton may be slower, but it has more health and attack points.
  • Summon Large Beast: The even stronger large beast will be your companion and assist in attacking enemies with projectiles. There is a long cooldown period, however, so use your beast wisely!

Ready for some black magic? The Necromancer class is officially live today. Go forth, and wreak havoc!

On the sixth day of blessings, MetaGods gave to me…

Day 4 — Discord Verification Bot

Welcome back to Day FOUR of our days of blessings, where we give our MetaHeroes a blessing a day for seven consecutive days. Today, MetaGods is happy to introduce our new companion on discord — the Godly Apes verification bot! Are you perchance unsure about whether you qualify for better, exclusive rewards? There could be a chance that you are a godly ape without even knowing! Imagine missing out on all these rewards that you were entitled to… a tragedy!

Well no worries, we’ve got your back with this new Verification bot, now, being a godly ape is just an effortless step away! MetaHeroes that hold more than one NFT will receive the Hyperion role tag on Discord, while those who hold more than a hundred can be rewarded with the Godly Ape role tag!

To all our landowners, we didn’t forget about you either! Those who hold one or two LANDs will be rewarded with the Oracles role tag, and those who own more qualify as a Godly ape as well. Holding 10K $MGOD tokens also qualifies you in the Godly Apes category!

Join Guide

  1. Enable the direct message setting from Privacy & Safety on User Setting.
  2. Go to #⚡️・holder-verification channel.
  3. Type /announce-registration. Pluto#2366 will send you a text afterwards.
  4. Hit the Verify button.

5. After verification, the bot will send you a DM to verify in a link.

6. Click the link and it will direct you to the browser to connect your wallet!

7. If you are a holder of NFT, Land, token, the bot will grant you the role after you click Confirm!

Remarks of the roles:

  • Oracle — MetaGods VIP/ Land Ownders
  • Hyperion — MetaGods NFT Holder
  • Godly Apes — 10K or above $MGOD Holders

Go visit our Discord channel here and meet our new friend now!

On the fifth day of blessings, MetaGods gave to me…

Day 5 — Come Back on May 2nd, 2022 for the Next Blessing!

Day 3 — Arrival of Inari — The God of Cultivation

There’s a saying in Japan, “turn to God in times of trouble”. Yet you’d be wise to avoid this saying from now on MetaHeroes, as Inari has arrived and has claimed one of the dungeons as its own!


To defeat the Inari and earn bountiful fortune, here are a few hints towards what some of its attacks may entail:

  • Increased Speed: As agile as the fox, Inari follows the players, dashes and attacks
  • Seeds of Attack: As the god of cultivation, Inari attacks by spreading grain seeds along the floor. Don’t get too close, or the growing grains will attack!
  • Energy Blast: Inari shoots energy blasts in the shape of a fox’s head, avoid them!
  • Teleporation: The mask of Inari may possess some secretive magical properties…

Looks like Inari is ready for you to seek it out… Good Luck MetaHeroes!

On the fourth day of blessings, MetaGods gave to me…

Day 4 — Come Back on May 1st, 2022 for the Next Blessing!

Day 2 — Introducing MGOD Mavericks (Our New Ambassador Program!)

MGOD Mavericks is coming to town! MetaGods is thrilled to announce our brand new ambassador program, where you, our fellow MetaHeroes get to be the representatives of our community and be in direct contact with us! We wish to employ ambassadors from various countries far and wide to help grow their own region, and YOU just might be our next leader!

Here’s what you can expect in the role:

  • ​​Introduce new potential partnerships.
  • Collaborate with other GameFi and blockchain projects to organize and manage special events.
  • Promote MetaGods within your country and communities.
  • Create engaging and creative content for the community.
  • Conduct regular AMAs and Meetups.
  • Bring onboard new joiners to the MetaGods community.

Becoming an ambassador isn’t just an eye-opening experience, it is also, can we say… extremely rewarding? 😉 All ambassadors will have exclusive benefits, including:

  • Monthly Salary PLUS Performance Bonuses
  • Special Land Ownership, an opportunity to earn passive income!
  • Early Access to New Features and Game Testing
  • Work Closely with our team as a MetaGods Core Team Member
  • And more will be revealed in the near future, so don’t miss out on the chance!

We welcome all passionate and ambitious MetaHeroes to be a part of this, just visit this page on our official website and stay tuned to our Twitter for future updates! Let’s go, MGOD Mavericks!

We are also showing love to our Brazilian community! Not only are they our largest community, but they have also been some of our strongest supporters as well. To celebrate this, we have begun to translate the website into Portuguese. Please check out the website for more!

On the third day of blessings, MetaGods gave to me…

Day 3 — Come Back on April 30th, 2022 for the Next Blessing!

Day 1 — NFT Staking

Our team is happy to announce our first feature — NFT Staking! Imagine a one-stop shop on your journey where you can purchase and stake your very own NFTs. That’s right! MetaGods is extending our staking feature to include NFTs as well!

The upcoming NFT staking event is open to everyone, with a starting reward pool of 100K $MGOD tokens! 500 random winners will be sharing 100K of $MGOD, 200 $MGOD each!

Not only that, but the number of NFT characters our community stakes as a whole also directly affects how long everyone has to stake and whether brand new game features will be released in the first place! Want to experience our well-anticipated casual mode? How about a cheeky social hub to communicate with your friends while playing? Stake your high starred NFTs to earn extra fortune, and unlock gaming features alongside other MetaHeroes.

What are you waiting for!? The MetaGods Metaverse is OPENING!

Here are the available pools and the amount of time it takes to unlock:
(Each rarity star = 1 vote)

Pool 1: Mobile Engine Preview — 4 Months, Shorten to 3 months after a certain amount of votes, with Special Early Access at 2 months before release

Pool 2: Social Hub — 6 Months, Shorten to 4 months after a certain amount of votes, with a Special Event 3 months before release

Pool 3: Casual Mode — 9 Months, Shorten to 6 months after a certain amount of votes. with Beta Testing 5 months before release

We know that with this new NFT staking feature, the more NFT characters the merrier! So for a limited amount of time only, an NFT character can be purchased here with just… wait for it… 150 $MGOD! What a steal! The staking pools are also online at 12:10 PM UTC , so go to our dapp to see how you can earn some big bucks! Happy Staking!

Purchase your NFT here:
NFT Staking here:

On the second day of blessings, MetaGods gave to me…



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