MetaGods x ArcadeLand AMA — Discord (6/4)

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10 min readApr 8, 2022

Time and date: 6 Apr (11am UTC)

Venue: MetaGods Official Discord Server (
Host: MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.)#1509

MetaGods | Apollo#6989

Guest: Tim K#0731

Tim K — Yesterday at 6:59 PM

Thank you for having me for ArcadeLand’s first AMA, @MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.)

Really excited to be here and answer many of the public’s questions about our upcoming gaming Metaverse 😎

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:00 PM


Chat is now muted for our AMA. Everyone, please give a warm welcome to our special guest, @Tim K 🤩

He’s the founder and CEO of Arcadeland. We’ve officially partnered up with them, and he’s here to answer questions and share with us what he’s building!

Tim, are you ready to start? If you could type “DONE” after answering that would be super helpful. Lmk when you’re ready and we’ll get this show on the road!

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:02 PM

Yessir, let’s gooooo 💪

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:03 PM

Sweeet. Alright, first things first. Can you give us a brief introduction of yourself, as well as an overview of Arcadeland?

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:08 PM

I’d be happy to 🙂

I’m the Founder and CEO of ArcadeLand, I’ve been in crypto full-time for a little over 5 years now and have been a gamer nearly all my life until I began to focus on trading and tech.

While day-trading with some of my friends, early in 2017 one of them told me about XRP when it was $0.02. I was a little skeptical, but the use case they described with banks made sense. Of course I got in, and of course it went very well shortly after. Then I became hooked and discovered all the various use cases I knew had the power to change the world, this was my calling, and I dove in.

ArcadeLand will be the ultimate play-to-earn gaming Metaverse. Built for all gamers, not just those familiar with crypto. Our blockchain-optional UI will be just as easy as any other game players are familiar with and eliminate the barriers that keep the mainstream from joining the P2E revolution.

We’ll feature the best games from both the mainstream gaming space as well as the top games in the crypto industry, which is why we’ve chosen to partner up MetaGods as one of the very first.

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:09 PM

I remember when XRP was that price also hahahah

Looks like we fell down the same rabbit hole

Is there a reason why Arcadeland decided to partner up with MetaGods? And also, will Arcadeland be on PC or Mobile? Curious to see where things are going to end up 🙂

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:15 PM


We believe MetaGods will be one of the best games in this space. It’s fun, casual style of gameplay seems to have a high-replayability factor. It’s creative, the style is awesome, and they have a dedicated team behind them I believe will have no problem delivering a fantastic gameplay experience. The community is very strong and it’s got some awesome backers and partners, all of which are great hallmarks of a top-quality p2e game.

ArcadeLand will be web-based to begin with, but mobile is our next focus rather than going VR/AR as many other Metaverse platforms. The reason for this is we want to put p2e games in the hands of as many players as possible around the world, to as much of the 3.2bn total addressable market of gamers as we can regardless of their hardware, as everyone has a phone.

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:15 PM

3.2bn is a huge market! That really aligns with us as well. I like your vision 😉

This brings us to the next question regarding target audience and use cases

What are some use cases and the overall target audience of Arcadeland? Is Arcadeland targeting any specific age range?

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:20 PM

It’s a fairly ambitious project as a fully-fledged gaming-focused Metaverse.

We’ll feature a lot of the elements of other major platforms, such as allowing anyone to build almost anything they can imagine, from mini-games to shops to game or guild headquarters, to entertainment venues and events.

The primary uses will of course be to play the largest and best variety of games of all genres and earn while doing so. We have identified over 16 ways to earn and there are likely more, as we’re a very flexible platform.

Target audience is everyone 18 or older.

Financial, NFT elements, and other factors we feel would make it unethical to market to kids. We stand by our values and wish to change the world, but bringing kids into speculative markets and environments would be against our mission to do something great for the world.

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:21 PM

16 ways to earn?! Now that’s something I’m sure our community would love to know more about 😍

Great values as well. Changing the world is not easy.

Let’s jump into the next topic heheh

Please also share with us the tokenomics and how the in-game ecosystem will work. Also, is the play-to-earn model sustainable?

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:24 PM

Just a moment here, I’ll share a link on our ways to earn which dives into most of them, just gotta get authorized 😉

Here’s a screenshot from our deck



ArcadeLand’s Ecosystem & Vision

ArcadeLand will provide the global gaming community of over 3.2 billion users with an innovative and rewarding metaverse experience. With…

ArcadeLand’s Ecosystem & Vision

And here’s an article that goes a bit more in depth. We couldn’t cram all 16 ways into that deck slide but those are some of the highlights

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:26 PM


Tim K — Yesterday at 7:32 PM

So our tokenomics are a little complex, but designed to be entirely sustainable as well as attractive to both crypto and especially the non-crypto gamer audience we are targeting.

We haven’t revealed all details of this and how it works, but I can tell you a little bit:

We’ll run a dual-tokenomics system, $ARCADE and $TICKETs.

$ARCADE will be required for nearly all functions within our Metaverse, from participating in tournaments, playing mainstream games, purchasing items in the marketplace, minting NFTs and UGC items, paying transaction fees, voting in the DAO, item rental fees (for non-custodial scholarship functions), operating masternodes, staking, purchasing land, etc.

$TICKETs will not be listed, but will serve an important function as a stable unit of flexible rewards. They can only be gained from playing games or completing quests. They can be redeemed for:

-NFT Avatar Accessories (already compatible with 1750+ games and counting!)

-Game items

-NFTs of all types

-Digital goods

-Gift cards

-Physical prizes

etc. etc.

And yes it is a sustainable model, we’ve tested it, onboarded an economics advisor who majored in game theory and has over 15 years perfecting game economics.

Our staking rewards are non-inflationary collected largely from gameplay fees. $ARCADE is even deflationary at the control of the DAO who can vote to either redistribute what they collect in the form of a user acquisition promotion or vote to send them to a locked liquidity address to remove them from the circulating supply.

We’ll also have fiat-purchase methods for mainstream gamers so they don’t have to worry about navigating blockchain and exchanges for the first time.


MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:33 PM

Oh nice!! Fiat-purchase methods are essential to onboard non-crypto audiences

Very impressive! Your economics advisor has a ton of experience 😍

I think it’s important to build out a strong team.

Let’s jump to the next question

What are the Arcadeland milestones and future roadmap plans? What’s the next plan alongside MetaGods? Feel free to leak to our community heheheh

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:38 PM

Ahaha, well we haven’t revealed our roadmap details yet either, so I can’t give you the full picture just yet. But happy to share a bit.

We’ve crossed our 100+ game target a few months ago and are closing in on 200 very soon.

We’ve developed a Metaverse demo with 7 environments and a playable integrated game as we continue our business development efforts and closing our private round targeting Tier 1 partners.

We’ve begun revealing our game partners, you still start to see a string of announcements and promotions as we have quite the backlog. If we only did one a week it would take us nearly to the end of the year on just the crypto game partners alone, and we’re growing at a rate of about 2–3/day on average.

I’d say the next big things to look forward to would be an invite-only alpha build and testing. This may come before our TGE. We have not revealed dates on these yet.

The plan for MetaGods is to integrate it including all functions into our game, as the first to demonstrate how we can host high quality games and support the blockchain features in addition to those of the mainstream, seamlessly. The current game we have integrated is a mainstream game, next is MetaGods.

We’ll also support them in other ways with cross-promotional events in the meantime.


MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:40 PM

This is huge!

Really excited to be partnered up with Arcadeland. In your eyes, what do you think stands out the most? How do you think Arcadeland will stand out the most in the long run? If there are any final things you’re working on… please let us know 🙂

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:46 PM

We will be a true, fully-featured gaming Metaverse designed to bring play-to-earn gaming to the world.

The biggest ways we stand out would be:

1. High-quality games from both the mainstream and crypto space

2. 16+ ways to earn

3. Avatar NFT wearables that are not only usable in our Metaverse, but thousands of other games.

4. An entirely blockchain-optional UI with easy social registration/login, automatic wallet management, etc. designed for the mainstream audience of 3.2bn gamers, 7,500x larger than the total addressable market of crypto gamers.

5. Sustainable tokenomics and adapting games of all types from the mainstream play-to-earn

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:47 PM

This is really exciting stuff!!

Final question before we open it up to the community

What’s the best way to keep up to date on the project? What are the social links?

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:49 PM

I would recommend subscribing to our waitlist on our website, below it you can find all of our social links as well:

We’ll have a number of promotions upcoming to reward users who join all our socials too, so don’t miss out! 😉




The Ultimate Gaming Metaverse — Create, explore, play, and earn in the largest game world built for everyone. Join the waitlist today!


A new website will be coming soon too, btw, stay tuned

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:49 PM


Tim K — Yesterday at 7:49 PM

done, lets open it up to the community

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 7:50 PM

Alright!!!! PART 2!!

Everyone please go and join the Arcadeland groups 🙂

If you could scroll up and choose 5 questions to answer, that would be amazing

Tim K — Yesterday at 7:50 PM

on it

depotter — Today at 5:09 PM

1. The partnership of arcadeland and metaGods looks amazing but what is the goal of this partnership and how will it benefit both of them.

The goal of our partnership is to provide a mutually beneficial arrangement:

ArcadeLand will gain an awesome play-to-earn game to host and feature, supporting the NFT functions such as minting and item sales as well as their Metaverse headquarters with all the information and nearly all important functions of their website.

And MetaGods will benefit from us driving traffic from mainstream audiences to them by removing all the blockchain requirements and using incentives like quests and achievements to push new users their way to experience the game for the first time.

It’s a win-win for all of us.

TierP1 — Today at 10:56 AM

Can you guys introduce the TEAM AND DEVELOPERS behind Arcadeland?

Our team and developers are public and listed on our website. They’re also on LinkedIn, I invite you to check them out for yourself! We’re very proud of the amazing talent we’ve sourced and we are continuing to hire.

DJs — Today at 2:52 PM

Can we use our Meatgods NFTs as our avatars in ArcadeLand?

This will be possible in the future due to our avatar system. It supports tokenized accessories and full-body costumes. We will also support UGC user creation of such assets, so we could issue these for MetaGods as well.

You could then wear them in over 1750+ other games and counting!

akeelah_Xo — Today at 6:31 PM

When the game is finally launched, which platform are they going to use to reward gamers?

We’ll reward gamers natively in our platform. As we are built for the mainstream audiences, we must make this as easy as possible. No downloading wallets (unless you want to).

Sammerz — Today at 1:13 PM

if i put equipment on a character will it be linked forever or can i take it off at any time and sell it for other players?

Your items are yours to own. To create, earn, and then sell as you wish.

We’ll have a public marketplace, players can operate their own shops and MetaGods and other game partners can sell items via their HQ’s as well.

Done, I think we’ll save the rest for the next session, thank you all for the great questions and joining us for this event!

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 8:04 PM

Thanks!!! Yes thats a great idea. Do you have a list of your top 3 favorite questions? We can announce the winners!

Tim K — Yesterday at 8:05 PM




MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 8:05 PM


Tim K — Yesterday at 8:05 PM

In that order

MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.) — Yesterday at 8:06 PM

Amazing questions. Please make sure you three join the arcadeland socials to redeem the prizes!

And even if you didn’t win, please go over to the Arcadeland community to show our support. Together we will take over the metaverse!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us today @Tim K

Hope we can do this again soon 💪

Tim K — Yesterday at 8:07 PM

Thank you for having us @MetaGods | Sisyphus (Jack N.)

Really looking forward to seeing how we can pioneer the future of play-to-earn gaming together 💪



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