Boost your Motivation by Tracking Health Data

Oct 1 · 4 min read

The Concept of a Smart Life has completely revolutionized the way we live today. While our lives have become much easier, we as a society have become lazier. Thanks to IoT, we can connect almost any household device with the internet, and this has limited our mobility to our fingers only. We are so consumed by the screens in our hands, on our laps, and on our walls, that we have forgotten the days of running around in the park or simply chatting with our friends. The rising trend of wearable-tech has exacerbated this addiction.

This easy life has given birth to numerous health issues among users of all ages, the most common (and notorious) one being obesity. Thankfully, several health-tech companies are using the aforementioned trends to their advantage by introducing innovations that have a positive impact on users’ lives, specifically when it comes to their health. With today’s mHealth and fitness apps, you can now track certain aspects of your physiology / activity, set customized goals, and receive recommendations that you can follow!

That’s not to say that these innovations don’t have their downsides. User-stickiness is a big hurdle in the mHealth and fitness app industry, primarily because the data is fragmented and unidimensional, and because recommendations are often difficult to commit to. It is easy to give up while you are on this road. That’s why apps like Playpal, which consolidate health data across health IoTs, apps, and knowledge-bases and reward users for sticking to recommendations, are now at the forefront.

Such platforms have a range of solutions that activate, educate, motivate, and retain users:

Help you set Achievable Goals

When you sign up on such apps, you provide them with your health profile (such as family medical history, genetics, diseases, allergies, environment), enabling them to analyze the pattern of your past routine and status. These patterns are processed through the apps engine, which then sets SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based) that bring you a step closer to better health. Tracking and measuring your health data (step counts, calorie intake, physical activity, etc) in this way is a good start to see how successful have you been in achieving your fitness goals.

Track your Goals and Measure Improvement

Staying fit and healthy is a long journey that needs persistence and commitment. Health data tracking allows you to look back at the hurdles you have overcome, the improvements you have made, and the milestones left to attain. By taking an interventionist approach and analyzing the proof of positive results, however small they may be, you can get the motivation you need to reach your ultimate goal. Extrinsic rewards, whether in cash, points, or digital currency, are simply a cherry on top.

Celebrate your Wins and get Support from your Community

Fitness and health apps are designed to keep you motivated and moving. For this very reason, these apps are designed to indulge you in celebration of even the smallest milestones achieved. It infuses a positive impact on the user and motivates him/her to move further. This is the intrinsic motivation component of such wholesome platforms, where the added bonus of sharing your success with friends and family forms the underpinning of gamified health. Through these community leaderboards, you can meet new people who are on a similar track as you, and get personalized advice and tips from them!


Though technology curtails the time we used to spend in outdoor activities, it holds the power to transform our lives and health for good. With numerous health apps out there in the market, it is now easier to track and improve your health effectively and proactively.


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