Our Health Profile Makes Your Health Score More Defensible!

The Changing Face of Healthcare

Health is a critical asset that one must invest in if any individual or community is to prosper. Longevity has placed a significant burden on traditional healthcare,which is now moving more toward proactive care and preventative health models. In today’s changing healthcare landscape, there is a growing need for extensive and defensible health profiles at the individual level — the best part is, we’ve developed a mathematical equation that does just that! Health profiling is now more tenable and engaging, all thanks to our patented health score (i.e. the HIECOH Score) and gamified health models.

So, what is a Health Score?

With the introduction of wearable devices, smartphones, the Apple Health Kit, and other health-focused digital tools, we are closer to our health than ever before. As Megan Janace wrote in an apt article on Citizen Health, “we have the science and the technology to get a baseline snapshot of what our health looks like in metrics. We have actionable information that can reveal a lot about our heart, steps, sleep and the overall activity we are producing. But what do we do with these metrics?” How do we know we are getting enough exercise or that we are in good to excellent health? What if we need to improve our heart rate or activity to prevent a chronic condition? We need to take these metrics and generate more data with them. As Megan Janace would put it, “we need a Health Score”, and we couldn’t agree more.

Thankfully, there are some innovative digital health companies (about 18 or so) that have Health Score engines backed by comprehensive algorithms. As its name suggests, a Health Score is a scoring system that tracks users’ health in real-time via Quantified Self. The score is usually a good, yet general indicator of users’ health improvement or decline; it’s important to note that scoring engines vary considerably from one company to another and, in some cases, are trademarked and/or patented, such as in the case of Playpal or even Dacadoo. Health is invisible so despite the inherent differences in scoring methodologies, all health scores have one thing in common: to measure health and make it visible.

Playpal’s HIECOH Score: the Health Indicator for Enabling Capital Optimization Holistically

At Playpal, we believe that a health-score should be comprehensive enough to qualify at the institutional level (i.e. hospitals, insurance companies, government bodies etc), in addition to being tailored to one’s unique individual needs. And that is exactly the purpose of our HIECOH Score, which uses scientific and mathematical methods validated by our Team of Doctors and PHDs. An individual’s HIECOH Score is based on his/her unique health profile, which is an interactive & comprehensive display of: 1) gene data, 2) family history, 3) medical History, 4) basic personal information, 5) race & ethnicity, and 6) geo-location to asse the pollution levels, humidity levels, temperature, climate, and weather surrounding the individual. In addition to this, the Playpal Health Profile displays a consolidated form of the user’s health rewards, connected apps & devices, the health capital curve, and the health key.

Health Profiling, Health Scoring, and Playpal’s Long-Term Agenda

Through these primary platform features, we assist individuals in their personal health management and indirectly enable governments, insurance providers, employers, and healthcare systems to tackle today’s soaring healthcare costs. Thanks to our engine’s data consolidation capabilities, our health profiling and health scoring will (soon) be able to provide valuable health insights at local community levels. We hope that our platform becomes an integral part of the local decision-making and strategic planning processes, as research shows that such extensive health profiles can very well create unique opportunities for intersectoral work and community involvement.

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